When you decide to go green with a solar system, one of the key questions you’ll most likely ask is “are solar PV batteries worth it on Maui?”  To figure out if you’ll truly need solar batteries or not on Maui, it’s key to understand how a solar system works.

How solar PV systems work

The usual solar energy system consists of several components. This includes solar panels, an inverter, and one or more equipment required to mount the system on your rooftop. Also, it needs a system that tracks electricity production. The solar panels absorb energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. The electricity is conveyed through the inverter and converted into usable electricity that can power household appliances and other needs.

Solar PV Batteries Worth It On Maui

When you choose to install a solar system, you’ll have to decide if you want an off-grid or grid-tied system. Off-grid systems mean you’re not connected to the electricity grid on Maui. That means you’ll need solar PV batteries to store the excess energy your solar system is producing. The battery can power your home at night when the sun is down or at any other period you prefer.

For the grid-tied system, you can feed the excess energy your solar system is producing to the power grid you’re connected to. Also, when your home requires more energy than your solar system is producing, you can draw from the power grid. This depends on your contract with the power grid. However, you’ll have to pay a significant amount of money to HELCO or MECO to connect your home to the grid.

Why solar PV batteries are worth it on Maui

Here are key reasons why solar PV batteries are worth it on Maui:

Solar PV batteries can store excess energy

Solar PV batteries are designed to store the energy produced by your solar system for later use. Depending on the manufacturer of the battery you choose, you may have a battery with a solar inverter offering integrated energy conversion. Your battery’s ability to store energy depends on its capacity. The higher the battery’s capacity, the more energy it can store.

If you install a solar battery as part of your solar panel system, you’ll be able to store excess solar electricity at your home. This may be a better option rather than sending it back to the grid. Also, if your solar system is producing more energy than your home requires, the excess energy can be used for charging the battery.

Store excess energy on-site for use anytime

With solar PV batteries, you can store excess energy on-site at your home for later use at night or any other time. That means you’re not connected to the grid in any way. There are several benefits of going off the grid. You can learn about when to go off-grid and when not to go off-grid on Maui.

Have an independent solar electrical system

Solar PV batteries are worth it on Maui. They supply power to your home independently without reliance on the grid. That means your home won’t be affected by any general power outage. Even more, it’s a chance to eradicate your electricity bills completely. Since most homes are most likely to consume more electricity at night, that’s when solar PV batteries help you save a significant amount of money on Maui.