SunPower Installer on Maui

Pacific Energy is now a SunPower installer on Maui

Recently, we announced that Pacific Energy is now a SunPower dealer on Maui. We are continually looking for best of industry products to add to our lineup.

As the premier solar company on Maui, we have a strong policy of using only the best solar products for all our services. Currently, SunPower’s PV panels are the best and the most efficient worldwide.


Why We Choose To Be A SunPower Installer in Maui

Pacific Energy chose to be a SunPower dealer on Maui, for these key reasons that will benefit homeowners across the island:


With SunPower solar technology, you’ll get the company’s premier PV modules. This means your home will have the most efficient and durable solar power system in the market today which includes a 25 year service warranty, a 92% performance guarantee and a 25 year workmanship warranty. SunPower has absolute confidence in their ability to deliver as promised. This is the best warranty in the industry, by a large margin.


SunPower solar panels are the most efficient you can find anywhere. Also, the company’s Maxeon® solar cell technology uses ultra-modern technology to design panels that are 35 percent more efficient at producing power compared to traditional solar panels.

Also, SunPower recently unveiled the A-Series which is the first solar panels across the world with the capacity to generate 410 watts, per module. It’s the highest wattage DC PV panel on the market in the world. Having solar panels that can generate more power means you need fewer panels on your roof and you can save more on energy.

Paired with DC Optimizers

We pair every SunPower DC solar panel with a SolarEdge DC optimizer.  This means the DC optimizer helps the SunPower module convert more sunlight into usable energy. The SolarEdge DC optimizers allow for panel level monitoring and module level power point tracking. This architecture also performs shade and panel mismatch mitigation. We believe this is the best possible combination of solar technologies.

Unique Maxeon cell technology

SunPower’s Maxeon cell technology is a fundamentally different manufacturing process than any other PV panel manufacturer. At the core of every SunPower system is the Maxeon solar cell. This solar cell is built with a solid copper foundation to withstand severe conditions and deliver maximum performance for decades.  SunPower’s PV modules are absolutely suitable for Hawaii’s humid, hot, and highly corrosive atmosphere.

sunpower solar panelsKey things to note about investing in a brand new solar PV system

Here are the key reasons why we chose to be a SunPower installer on Maui:

  • Durability; certified to be installed right on the shoreline. A perfect fit for Hawaii’s hot, humid, and highly corrosive environments, near the ocean.
  • Warranty; SunPower modules are supported by their best in class 25 year warranty.
  • Efficiency; A modern solar PV system produces more power in less space with less amount of visible parts for an uncluttered design.

Video about SunPower performance in shade:

Video about SunPower Technology: