Looking for more info on whether or not you should install a Tesla Powerwall on Maui?

Tesla Powerwall is a customized and very smart solar solution that can be installed at home. It allows you to go green in an instant and give up your reliance on fossil fuels once and for all!

So why should you choose to install a Tesla Powerwall on Maui? Without further ado, here’s what Powerwall is all about.

How does Tesla Powerwall compare to other battery systems?

We’ve compared 4 other battery systems to a dual Tesla Powerwall 2, AC coupled to a 10KW SolarEdge inverter. Here’s what we found out:

Why install a Tesla Powerwall on Maui?

Installing a Tesla Powerwall allows you to store the solar energy produced during the day so you can use it later, when the Sun stops shining.

During the day, your solar system produces energy, just like any other day and like any other system. The difference that a battery makes though, is quite significant.

With a standard solar panel system, without a battery, you’re only able to use solar power during daylight. A Tesla Powerwall, however, allows you to store the excess energy you didn’t use during the day and use it in the evening or at night.

In other words, installing a Tesla Powerwall allows your home to run on clean, sustainable energy 24 hours a day! You won’t have to depend on the grid anymore and you’ll be able to say goodbye to your electric bill forever.

How does Tesla Powerwall work?

At Pacific Energy, we make your Tesla Powerwall installation very easy. We’ll take care of everything, from design, permits to installation and even financing.

Tesla Powerwall Triple

But first, here’s how a Powerwall works.

At its core, a Powerwall is a DC battery system. The battery consists of a lithium ion pack, an inverter, a control system and a very smart software. The software is responsible for distributing the energy when and where you need it.

The Powerwall works just like any other solar system. Since most homes run on AC power, the system turns DC power from the battery into AC, so you can power your appliances, gadgets and devices.

Contrariwise, the inverter is smart enough to charge the battery when it needs to be charged, so you’ll have enough energy stored if you need it during the night. Furthermore, the system is build in such a way that is charges the battery during low rate periods, when you use less electricity, and discharges it when you need it most.

The unit itself can be easily installed on a wall or, if you prefer it, on the ground. You can install a Tesla Powerwall on Maui either indoors or outdoors, it’s your choice, and you can even connect it to the grid, so you can export any excess energy to boost your economic benefit even further.

Can I add Powerwall to a previously installed solar system?

You can add up to 10 Powerwall units to your existing PV system.  And the great thing about getting a Powerwall is that, in the event of a power outage, you’ll still be able to turn on the lights or use your appliances and devices, just like you normally would.