Pacific Energy Support

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Pacific Energy Support Rates and Plans

Customer labor rate is $120 per hour.
Non-customer support labor rate is $240 per hour. (systems not installed by Pacific Energy)
*All labor rates have a 1 hour minimum, and do not include parts, materials, or GE tax.

Support Packages

Why not have a worry-free PV system?
You’ve made the investment to go green and enjoy the financial benefits of a solar PV system, but you don’t have the time to monitor it to ensure maximum productivity.You can relax and own a worry-free system by enrolling in one of our Support Packages

1.) Site Monitoring Plan:
Pacific Energy will perform a remote check on your system once per week. If you have both Tesla Powerwalls and Enphase and/or SolarEdge, we will check on those systems too. Should any of the systems on the home have an issue, Pacific Energy will reach out directly with the appropriate manufacturing company and submit any requests for support and/or replacement parts to fix issues. Pacific Energy will contact homeowner with findings and labor costs, if applicable.
*Labor rates will be assessed only on equipment that is out of the 2 year service warranty.

2.) Priority Support Plan:
Includes Site Monitoring Package and also:

  • No labor charges (even if your system is outside of warranty time-frame).
  • Expedited Service: Your support case is automatically moved to the front of the Support Queue.
    *If allowed by the manufacturer, we will perform advanced replacements on failed equipment.

    Site monitoring plan only:
    $39 per month 0-50kw ($468/year)

    Site monitoring with Priority Support:
    $59 per month 0-9.99kw ($708/year)
    $69 per month 10-19.99kw ($828/year)
    $79 per month 20-29.99kw ($948/year)
    $99 per month 30-50kw ($1,188/year)

    PV Module Cleaning Upgrade
    Available to be added to either of the above plans:

    Option 1: 1-story: With 20 modules or less: $299 per cleaning session
    *$10 for each additional panel

    Option 2: 2-story: With 39 modules or less: $399 per cleaning session
    *$11 for each additional panel

    *This is a special rate offered for Pacific Energy Support Package purchases only.