Maui Solar Size Calculator
& Instant Quote

Get an instant quote for your Maui solar PV needs, using our Solar Size Calculator.

Once you enter your electric bill amount, your system will be built automatically, using our lowest priced SunPower PV module, by default. You can then change the PV module manufacturer and model and the number of Tesla Powerwalls to see how it changes the price. You can edit and review your Solar PV system as many times as you like. Watch the video below to get some in depth instruction on how to use the Solar Size Calculator and Instant Solar Quote feature.

 Instructional Video


This Solar Size Calculator will also provide an instant solar PV quote. The quote is not meant to be an exact or guaranteed price. It builds a system based on the average amount of sun hours that shine on Maui. The Solar PV system & price it builds will likely be 90-95% accurate, except in areas of low sunlight, such as Hana, Haiku, etc.. Those areas will likely need a larger system to accommodate your needs. Your house may also not have ideal roof angles and/or excessive shading from foliage. Likewise, if your house is in Kihei and your house has ideal roof angles with no shading, you may not need as large a system as quoted. To get a more accurate system cost, we will need to perform a site evaluation and create computer model of your house. We run a computer simulation to get a better idea of how much energy your house will generate with the system components of your choice. If you are trying to size an off-grid system, this calculator will not be accurate. The calculator is meant for Grid-Tie systems on Maui, under the CGS+ & CSS programs. Off-Grid systems often require double the system size.