What’s the average cost of solar installation on Maui?

There are several key factors impacting the average cost of solar installation on Maui. Once you figure out what these factors are, you can easily understand how solar installations costs are determined and what the average costs are.

Factors affecting average cost of solar installation on Maui

These are the key factors affecting the average cost of solar installation on Maui:

Type of the Roof and its Angle

A roof may be appropriate or unsuitable for the installation of solar panels depending on a variety of factors. An installation will consider the material, shade, position, and measurements. All these affect the average cost of solar installation on Maui.

One of such elements is the azimuth angle, or orientation of the roof. It determines how much sunshine the solar panels can get during the day. You can work with a solar installer on Maui to figure out the right angle. If your roof is flat, the installer should construct scaffolding to help tilt the panels properly. All additional labor and materials can impact the average cost of solar installation on Maui.

average cost of solar instllation on Maui

Also, the panels might need to be installed differently depending on the type of roof, including composite, tile, tar and gravel, metal standing, and wood. To install panels that function effectively, the installer may need to add materials or perform additional work in some cases. The roof’s age and condition are other key considerations,

Structural Issues

The cost of installing the panels might also be directly impacted by the house’s structure. The first issue you could have to deal with is a old house that may require structural repairs. Such a problem may prevent the installation of a new roof, which may prevent the installation of the panels. Any delay in correcting the issue could result in wire or panel damage. Also, it could imply that to fix the problem, you will have to remove the panel, which would incur additional costs.


You should be aware that the types of solar panels and inverters you choose will typically have a direct impact on how much you end up paying for installation. Top-quality solar installation often cost more. For instance, better hardware can produce more electricity for the same amount of light  compared to less-quality solar equipment.

There are three main types of solar panels, and each has a significant impact on the cost of installation. These are the thin-film solar, polycrystalline, and monocrystalline versions. The panels for the most common household systems are made from monocrystalline or polycrystalline cells.

Labor and permits impacts the average cost of solar installation on Maui

Let’s say you want to connect your solar energy system to the grid; you might have to spend a little bit more for the work and permit. When you connect your system to the electricity grid, you typically have to pay a fee. Additionally, labor costs rise dramatically. To make this happen, a system must be built, a site visit must be coordinated, and the solar panels must be installed. Also, it will cost extra money to fulfill all of those jobs. Labor and permits have an impact on the average costs of solar installation on Maui.

Tax benefits impacts the average costs of solar installation on Maui

There are several incentives and tax benefits for solar panel installation on Maui. This include the federal solar tax credit and the Hawaii solar tax incentives.