The best solar companies on Maui have a strong track record of delivering top-quality solar installations with the best equipment for the job. They also provide warranties for their various installations with impeccable customer support whenever you need one.

However, finding the best solar companies on Maui isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are tons of solar contractors on the island and most of them seem similar on the surface. Thankfully, we have collated key things you can do to find the best solar companies on Maui.

Tips for finding the best solar companies on Maui

Here they are:

Never Choose a solar company on Maui only on price

It’s a good idea to save on the cost of going green with solar energy. However, choosing a solar company on Maui only on prices isn’t such a good idea. There are several key things to consider when considering the best solar companies on Maui, and the cheapest price isn’t one of them. More so, extremely high solar panel prices aren’t a guarantee for top-quality either.

Best solar companies on Maui 2

Some solar companies are known for offering extremely cheap prices and then use low quality equipment and solar panels for the job. Such solar panels generate extremely low amount of electricity meaning the homeowner can only save a little amount on energy bills before the system eventually collapse. Your best bet is to choose a solar installer with a strong track record of providing top quality solar services on Maui.

Choose local solar companies on Maui

One of the most effective methods of finding the best solar installers on Maui is to hire a local solar company. New solar companies on Maui aren’t bad or good just because they are new. That said, solar installation isn’t cheap. So, ensure that whatever solar company you choose on Maui has a track record and several positive reviews of top-quality solar installation.

Choose solar companies on Maui that has been on the island for long, with a strong reputation for excellent solar installation. More so, such solar installers on Maui are more likely to still be in business if you need your warranty in the future. Learn how to choose the right affordable solar panels on Maui.

Read online reviews and ask for referrals

Another key method of finding the best solar installers on Maui is to go online and read reviews. Make a shortlist of the best solar installers on Maui based on their reviews. Reach out to each of the solar installers on your shortlist to ask for referrals.

Take it a step further. Contact as many of the referrals as you can and ask about the quality of services of the solar installer and the efficiency of their customer support team. See the key difference between on grid and off grid solar power systems on Maui.

Make sure the contractor is licensed

Never hire a solar contract without the required state license to practice as a solar installer in Hawaii. Thanks to the Interstate renewable Energy Council. Now you can easily verify solar licensing for Hawaii and other states across the country.

Enquire about warranties

The best solar companies on Maui aren’t shy about offering warranties for their jobs. Solar systems are made up of various components and each is protected by separate warranties depending on their manufacturers.

The best solar companies on Maui are the ones that won’t hesitate to provide details of each warranty on their PV systems. Just before you hire any solar contractor on Maui, ask about their warranties and pay attention to the details they provide. It can make or break your solar investment down the road.

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