Choosing the best solar company on Maui for solar panels installation is one of the most effective methods of making the most of your solar investment.

But the challenge is, how to find the best solar installer on Maui considering the number of companies on the island?

Not to worry, we’ve shared here some relevant tips on how to find the best solar company on Maui.

Tips for finding the best solar company on Maui

Choose a local solar company

It’s easy to assume that a national solar company will be the best solar company on Maui. But that’s not always the case. National solar companies are known for their impressive works but they don’t rely on your feedback or services to grow their profits.

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Local solar companies on Maui understand the need for having a strong track record on the island. Without a good reputation, they’ll be out of business in no time. Local solar companies on the island have expertise and experience in local constructions and electrical codes. Local solar companies on Maui can also provide a customized design based on your energy needs, roof structure, and investment goals.

They can show up at your doorstep within a few minutes of your call because they have a team around you on Maui. With a local solar company on the island, turnaround time is faster and support is almost instant. Streamline your search for the best solar company on the island to local installers only.

Choose a certified solar company on Maui

You shouldn’t make the mistake of skipping on certifications when you’re searching for the best solar company on Maui. Having all the right certifications, licenses, and credentials is key to showing that the solar company can deliver the services you need as required.

Having all the right certifications also indicate that the solar company on the island has met certain requirements that made them eligible for such certifications. Most of such requirements include expertise, safety, insurance, and warranty, etc.


Warranty is one of the key things you’ll have to consider before choosing the best solar company on the island. While you can use your solar panels for decades without experiencing any issue with the system, having the right warranty is key. Even more, a long-term warranty indicates that the company trusts its products to deliver as promised. the best solar company on Maui can offer 20 to 30 years of warranty for both performance and equipment.

The right financing options

The best solar company on Maui will provide various financing options to make it easier for you to have your solar panels up and working within the least amount of time. Top-rated solar companies on Maui such as Pacific Energy offer various solar financing options.

You can find details of various solar financing options on Maui and tax credits including Maui solar financing and PV loans. You can also learn more about the best solar financing options on Maui. Other option includes clean energy credit union solar financing and if you’re interested in loans, read about the factors to consider before choosing solar loans on Maui.

Free quotes

The best solar company on the island wouldn’t hesitate to hand you free quotes. This makes it easier for you to compare costs before making up your mind. However, cost shouldn’t be the only decisive factor. Every other thing above can be a deal-breaker.