When you buy solar panels in Maui and have them installed, it means you’ve opted for the cleanest renewable energy source available today. But why should you go green and buy solar panels in Maui? There are tons of reasons why homeowners should buy solar panels in Maui and you shouldn’t miss out on any of them.

Key Reasons To Buy Solar Panels In Maui

Solar panels, otherwise known as PV panels are required to convert light from the sun, (which is made up of particles of energy known as photons) into electricity that can be used for both commercial and residential purpose.

Here are five key reasons why you should buy solar panels in Maui:

Buy solar panels in Maui

Also, solar panels only require minimal maintenance. All you have to do is ensure that your solar panels are clean and you’ll have a maximally functioning system for twenty to thirty years. Furthermore, being eligible for federal and state tax credits give you the chance to save on installation costs and more.

1.  Maximum output to match peak hours demand

The peak hours of energy demands are generally in the hours of 11:00 to 16:00 as well as early in the evening. As such, that same period is when the price of electricity peaks. Interestingly, solar energy hits its maximum production during those hours.

Also, electricity generated during those hours has a higher value than the ones produced at night. But considering the additional solar energy output, costs of electricity in those peak time frames could be slashed down to prices similar to the ones produced at night. This gives you the rare chance to save on electricity bills while others are spending more.

2. Boost your home’s value in Maui

When you buy solar panels in Maui, it automatically increases the value of your property. Homes with solar panels on the island of Maui indicate lower electricity costs. Similar to homes with low property taxes, and homes in areas with good school districts, homes with solar panels are more attractive when listed. In fact, a study conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, (NREL), revealed that homes with solar panels sell 20 times faster and for 17 times more money than homes without one.

3. Guaranteed performance for decades

When you buy solar systems in Maui, you have the full confidence to sit back and relax knowing that your solar system will keep delivering maximum output for at least two decades. You can even calculate how much electricity will be generated and at what price for the next twenty years. Even after 25 years, you can still get up to 80% performance from your solar panels. If properly maintained, expect your solar system to generate a significant amount of electricity for up to four decades.

4. Least negative impact on the island

Solar panels have the least negative impact on the island of Maui compared to any other available energy source. Solar panels do not contaminate the water or produce greenhouse gases. In addition, solar energy does not produce any noise and it’s absolutely safe for residential and commercial use. When you buy solar panels in Maui, you’re contributing to a cleaner and safer environment for everyone on the island.

5. Lower your energy bill

When you buy solar panels in Maui, you get the chance to generate your own electricity and increase your energy self-reliance. This means you will end up using less from your utility supplier and save a lot on your energy bill. In fact, you can even put an end to your electricity bills once and for all.