One of the questions we get frequently is, “Do I need to clean my solar panels?” The short answer is yes, and here are few reasons why.

As most know, solar panels work by allowing energy from light into the cell. The more light absorbed, the more power generated. Solar panels, because of their positioning are prone to dirtiness. Bird droppings, dust, pollen, dirt, and rain can even leave behind residue from the air after evaporating. This build-up has adverse effects on the panels, keeping them from their optimal output.

A solar company in Texas did a study to show the difference in output between dirty and clean panels. The study is so simple that you could perform it at home on your own panels.

Step One:
Record the current output of your panels BEFORE CLEANING THEM.

Step Two:
Clean the panels (or have them cleaned).

Step Three:
Record the panel production AFTER CLEANING.

Here are the results that their personal panels produced. Every other panel (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11) was left dirty so they would have a controlled variable.Photo Credit: hesolarllc.comPhoto Credit:

The study showed that on average, the panels produced 3.5% more energy when clean.

Overall, the study proves what every solar provider claims. Clean solar panels produce more energy. So, clean them! Or if you don’t like the idea of climbing on your own roof, have them cleaned. There are plenty of companies that do just that.

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