Are electric vehicles on Maui right for you?

Electric vehicles on Maui powered by solar energy are the new normal on the island. Solar energy isn’t only for residential homes, businesses, and public facilities. Solar energy is also used for powering electric cars on Maui. Since these vehicles are still relatively new, (not so new across the country though), odds are you’ll have tons of questions to ask about them.

If you’re wondering if electric cars on Maui are right for your or not, we’ve compiled the key benefits of electric vehicles to help you make the right choice.

Key Benefits of Electric Vehicles on Maui

Here are the key reasons to opt for electric cars on Maui compared to vehicles running on fossil fuels:


Unlike the regular cars that run on fossil fuel, electric cars on Maui reduce toxic air pollution from exhaust emission. Guess what? Electric vehicles on Maui has zero exhaust emissions making them the perfect cars for preserving one of the most beautiful places on earth – Maui!

Electric vehicles on Maui 2

Also, less exhaust emission is good for your wellbeing as improved air quality lowers health related problems triggered by air pollution. Electronic vehicles engines also generate less noise which means lower noise pollution.

Renewable energy

One of the best features of electric cars on Maui is how you can easily recharge them from your solar PV systems during daylight hours, and not from the grid. This reduces your greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints significantly. No other vehicle on earth can do that.

Manufactured with eco-friendly materials

Many electric cars on Maui are built with eco-friendly materials. Some of these materials include recycled materials and padding produced with bio-based materials. Some of these recycled materials include fairly used home appliances, plastic bags, old car parts, and recycled water bottles.

Electric vehicles are cheaper to run and maintain

Electric cars owners on Maui spend less amount of money maintaining their vehicles. In fact, you’ll save a lot of money on gas. The electricity you need to charge an electric vehicle is one third as much per kilometer when you compare it to buying gas for the same distance.

More so, electric vehicles on Maui has fewer less moving parts compared to regular vehicles running on fossil fuels. You’ll spend less on servicing the vehicle without bothering about starter motors, radiators, expensive exhaust systems, fuel injection systems, and other parts not required to run an electronic vehicle. In addition, fewer moving parts means less wear and tear. You’ll have a lot less to spend on maintenance and keeping the vehicle in shape.

Safety improvements

Electronic cars on Maui are generally safer than regular vehicles running on fossil fuels. Electronic vehicles have lower center of gravity which makes them more unlikely to roll over. These vehicles are also less likely to be trigger major explosions or fire. Even more, electronic vehicles durability and body construction makes them less susceptible to damage during collisions.

The best part is anyone can get electric vehicles on Maui. Electric vehicles are safe, user-friendly, eco-friendly, and they significantly contribute to preserving plants, animals and humans on the island.