Maui is getting major investments in solar from individuals and businesses, and Pacific Energy is happy to help.  Our experts come to your home to offer estimates as Maui’s solar needs grow.

Maui’s Solar Needs continue to Expand

For reasonable costs, we draw up all plans for you and present all paperwork required to the state.  Our experts offer advice for your home or business, and we provide a professional installation to fit your exact needs.

Maui’s solar use has surpassed expectation by more than quadrupling it’s solar output since 2010.  Although Net Metering has come to a head here on The Valley Isle, we are gaining solar energy by leaps and bounds.  Hawaii’s goal to achieve full renewable energy use by 2050 is becoming more realistic as time goes on.

Regardless of the size or shape of your house or business, we have the ability to make our solar projects look discreet and modern.  Our installations can be placed on almost any angle roof, and we only need about 10′ x 8′ of interior wall space to install backup batteries for almost any home.

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We provide services to the whole island of Maui, primarily Kihei, Kahului, Lahaina, and Wailuku.  We have done projects almost every city on the island, and we can provide an evaluation quickly at your home or business.