If you’ve been to Maui recently or live here, you have most likely heard about the closing of the 36,000 acre sugar cane plantation. The question now is, what will happen to the land?

Here are a few ideas on what could happen to the Maui Cane Fields:

  • Personal Farms — One of the worst outcomes of the plantation closing was the loss of 675 jobs. But what you didn’t hear was those employees will be given preference to lease lots to start their own farms.
  • Energy — Most of our island’s current energy comes from a diesel burning plant. Imagine using some of the fields for solar panels to help sustain Maui’s energy needs!
  • Growth — If they go through with expanding “test projects,” that could mean new crops or irrigated grass pastures for cattle.
  • Monsanto — It’s no secret that Monsanto owns a large portion of agricultural land here on Maui. It’s possible they could be working to gain access to use these newly available lands for test food crops.
  • New DevelopmentAlexander & Baldwin has acquired Grace Pacific (Hawaii’s largest materials and paving company). Would the land be used for building? Retail? Industrialization? Residential use?

We would love to hear from you! What do you think will/should happen to the plantation?

Photo Credit: Chris Archer http://www.archershoots.com