Are you looking for the best Hawaii solar companies?

If you’re finally ready to go solar, there’s just one little detail that still needs to be addressed. How do you find the right solar company near you to move forward with the project?

When you decide to invest in a PV system for your home, it’s important that you find a reputable solar installer that can offer you the best advice on how to choose your system and provide a professional installation service. With than in mind, here’s a quick guide that should help you find the best Hawaii solar companies and make sure you sign a deal with the right provider.

Hawaii Solar Installers

Talk to your friends, neighbors and even local professionals about Hawaii solar companies you can trust

The first step to finding reputable Hawaii solar companies is to simply ask people you know if they’ve heard of anyone reliable.

If you have friends or neighbors who have recently invested in solar, don’t hesitate to ask for their opinion. They may be able to recommend someone great!

Otherwise, another way to get a list of solar installers from Hawaii is to make contact with some of the local professionals. Contractors, electricians or even construction or renovation companies may be able to recommend someone you can trust.

Read the reviews and don’t be afraid to compare quotes

If you can’t find any referrals, or even if you do but are not sure about the Hawaii solar companies’ reputation, move on to reading the reviews. Go on Yelp, read Google my Business reviews or try a more “classic” approach and check out the Yellow Pages.

Once you narrow down your list to a few Hawaii solar installers, don’t hesitate to contact them and find out more about their offer. Compare what the solar companies are able to provide and at learn more about the cost. Keep in mind that a reputable solar panel installer will not work for cheap, but they shouldn’t ask for ridiculously high fee to install your system either.

Choose a licensed, local company and enjoy the advantages of going solar

Keep in mind that choosing a local installer as opposed to working with a large, national company may come with a series of great advantages. So for instance, if you live on Maui, you may benefit from hiring a solar installer on the island.

First, choosing a local installer may cost you less. Going green means you’ll be able to save a significant amount of money in the long run, but choosing to sign a deal with a local provider will help you save even more when it comes to the initial cost for installation.

Second, working with someone in your area may mean you’ll have the advantage of a better customer service. Local providers tend to pay more attention to their customers, seeing how the competition in the solar industry is so fierce on a national level.

Last, but definitely not least, keep in mind that bigger companies tend to hire subcontractors to install your PV system. Whereas, a local solar installer is more likely to have full-time employees who are trained to get the job done right and are motivated to offer a professional PV installation service.