Knowing the type of Hawaii solar company you need is key to choosing the right one. That in mind, to make it easier for you to figure out the right one and the best that fits your needs, we’ve listed the various types of solar companies in the Aloha State as well as their key services.

How to choose the right Hawaii solar company

These are the various types of Hawaii solar companies:

Solar Financers Hawaii Solar Company


Solar energy might help you save money. But it can also be expensive. Solar financiers in Hawaii can assist you in obtaining financing for your solar energy installation. They usually work with solar merchants and installers to make solar more accessible in Hawaii.

Solar Leasing Companies


Some solar companies in Hawaii offer Solar by renting space on your roof. However, the solar panels are owned by these solar leasing businesses, which are paid monthly by the property owner. The property owner receives all of the energy produced by the solar energy system in exchange, however, though some of the so called “advantages” of leasing look attractive on the surface, the caveats are hidden in the fine print.

Hawaii Solar Company

Vertically-Integrated Hawaii Solar Company


These Hawaii solar companies handle all aspects of the solar process, from panel manufacturing to solar energy system sales, financing, and installation.

Solar lead generation companies


These businesses concentrate on producing leads and sales for other businesses in the solar energy industry. These solar companies’ objective is to match potential solar customers with multiple solar firms’ proposals.

Solar Brokers Hawaii Solar Company


These companies Hawaii solar companies have teamed up with other solar firms to handle the legwork for you. In contrast to a lead-generating company that sells your contact information to several solar companies, they are a single point of contact that will offer you multiple bids.

Solar Panel Manufacturers


These Hawaii solar companies manufacture solar panels, which are used to capture sunlight. The majority of solar panel manufacturers do not offer solar panel installation or financing.
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Solar Dealers in Hawaii


These Hawaii solar companies have the authority to market the company’s solar products and services on behalf of some manufacturers. Some solar retailers are only affiliated with one solar company.

Solar Installers in Hawaii


When you’re considering installing a solar panel system on your home or commercial building, these are the companies that will come out to your property and fit the solar energy system on your rooftop, solar farm, or carport. Most solar installers in Hawaii are local companies that primarily focus on a particular service area. Pacific Energy is the leading solar installation company on the island.

Solar Inverter Manufacturers


Solar inverters specialize in manufacturing inverters. These inverters convert direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity. AC electricity is the sort of electricity that can power your home and workplace appliances.

Energy Storage System (ESS) Manufacturers


These Hawaii solar companies create solar-compatible batteries and energy backup systems. The benefits of solar are only more relevant when a house has a battery backup. These manufacturers often develop management tools to track electricity generation in addition to batteries.