Coral bleaching is happening all over the world, even here in our sandy shores of Hawaii. But, the most prominent and well-known example is Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, which isn’t expected to last past 2050 if things don’t change.

Coral bleaching occurs when warm waters cause coral to push out the algae they rely on for food.  This makes them more susceptible to disease and increases the risk that they will die, which then effects the fish and other species that live within the reef making our reef and ocean one of the first major casualties to climate change.

What can we do to help?!

In order to save these beautiful ecosystems, we will need to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Currently, the US heavily relies on oil and coal based technologies, which contributes to the emission of those greenhouse gases.  By replacing those technologies with clean, renewable, and affordable energy sources such as wind and solar, we can do just that.

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