Installing a home solar system in Maui comes with many benefits. But do you know how PV systems are installed?

At Pacific Energy, we have the experience and expertise to recommend and install the best PV system for your home and help you reap the benefits of going green right away! Without any further ado, here’s how we do it.

Step #1: To install a home solar system in Maui, you need to hire a solar company

The first step to installing a home solar system in Maui is of course, hiring someone who can do the job.

When you’re looking for a company to help you go solar, it’s recommended that you choose someone local. Local installers can offer you a better service, they’re already familiar with the local regulations and best of all – a local company can offer you better and faster support! Besides, by hiring someone on Maui, you’ll be able to go solar and at the same time, support the local economy.

Once you’ve chosen a reliable company for the job, make sure you get an estimate. Based on your needs and on the size of the solar system you want to install, you should also look into the best financing options for the project.

Step #2: The design phase is an important part of the solar installation process

Once you’re ready to go green, a solar installer will come by your home and, based on exact measurements and other factors, they’ll be able to recommend the best PV system for your needs.

Keep in mind that each solar installation is different. Part of the evaluation process includes inspecting your roof, your surroundings and your home’s electrical system, among other things.

Step #3: Obtaining the permits

The design of your project includes the number of panels, the location where they’ll be placed on your roof and of course, the wiring of the system and the way it will be interconnected with the utility. Needless to say, but in order for everything to be perfect, the plan should be compliant with the local safety requirements.

Different counties have different requirements, but that’s where the advantage of working with someone local comes into play! Your solar installer will submit your plan to install a PV system to the permitting departments and make sure that everything is in order so that you can safely go solar.

Step #4: Going solar!

Now comes the fun part: installing your home solar system in Maui!

Once everything is ready, you can schedule a date when the solar company should come and install your system. You may need to be home when the solar crew arrives so that you can give them access to your roof and also, to the electrical system in your house.

The installation can last anywhere from 1 to a few days, it depends on the size of your system.

Step #5: Turning on the system and making sure everything’s perfect

Last but not least, when your home solar system in Maui is finally installed, you can turn it on and start saving!

For more information on how to install a solar system, contact Pacific Energy today! We’re here to answer all your questions and explain how easy it is to go solar.