Are you looking for info on the pre-approval program for solar in Hawaii and financing your home’s solar project? You’re in the right place!

With years of experience assisting hundreds of homeowners go solar, we can help when it comes to assessing your home’s solar power needs, as well as helping you check to see if your home — or a home you’re looking to buy in the Aloha state — is already pre-approved for solar! The entire process is now easier and even faster with MECO’s new program, known as the Quick Connect Pre-Approval Program

This program is designed to help homeowners get pre approval for solar in Hawaii through an easier process and to start saving on electricity bills even faster.

But how exactly does Quick Connect work and how can it make your pre approval for solar in Hawaii easier and faster? Let’s take a look:

Pre Approval for Solar in Hawaii With Quick Connect 

Here’s how the process works:

What’s Quick Connect?

Quick Connect is a MECO 12-month pilot program that kicks off in January 2021. The program was created to provide instant benefits to homeowners who are interested in rooftop solar systems during the COVID-19 pandemic. Quick Connect is also aimed at helping solar contractors and supporting the overall economic upturn of Hawaii.

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What’s the key benefit of Quick Connect?

Quick Connect makes it possible for homeowners that meet the basic requirements to have their new solar systems installed and powered even without complete prior approval from Hawaiian Electric. Quick Connect now reduces the period of time between a homeowner signing a new contract for a new solar system and saving money on electricity bills by using the solar system.

This means the period from signing the contract to having your solar installed and enjoying the financial benefits of the solar system is shorter now more so than ever.

Even more, you can enjoy more benefits with Quick Connect by choosing Pacific Energy as your solar installer! How is that possible?

How to get more Quick Connect benefits with Pacific Energy

If your property is eligible for Quick Connect benefits, Pacific Energy can help you install a rooftop solar system first, or while your application is being processed, as opposed to submitting the MECO application and waiting on hold until the approval process is complete.

This means the entire period of time from signing the contract to saving money through self-generated electricity is even shorter. Now you can produce your own power months ahead as opposed to waiting in a queue for MECO approval prior to systems being energized.

Choosing Pacific Energy as your solar installer makes reaping the benefits of getting pre approval for solar in Hawaii easier, faster, and more convenient.

Take advantage of the extended solar tax credit

Homeowners in Hawaii now have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars by choosing Quick Connect as a result of the 26% extended solar investment tax credit (ITC). The ITC which was slated to drop from 26% to 22% in 2021, will now remain at 26% for two more years.

The extended renewable tax credits were part of the $1.4 trillion federal incentive and the COVID-19 virus relief spending bill. Considering these multiple benefits, you shouldn’t hesitate to get pre approval for solar in Hawaii through Quick Connect.

Contact Pacific Energy for inquiry or to get started with your pre approval for solar in Hawaii.