The easiest way to figure out if solar PV is still a good investment on Maui is to compare its ROI (return on investment) to other sources of power. The typical power supply from utility service providers is more expensive and is generated from fossil fuels. A lot of people across the world still rely on fossil fuels to generate electricity for home and business use.

So, should you stick to your utility company for electricity, or is solar PV still a good investment on Maui?

Why solar PV is still a good investment in Hawaii

Here are key reasons why solar is still a good investment in Hawaii:

Solar is now cheaper on Maui than you think!

Solar PV is a lot cheaper now than many people realize. In fact, some solar PV is about 10 – 20% cheaper than they were a few years ago.  More so, the federal and state governments’ incentives for going green with solar makes the price even cheaper than ever.

Solar PV Still A Good Investment On Maui 2

If you’ve ever considered investing in solar, today is the best time to do so. You can contact us for any inquiry about the solar systems and installation and free quotes. We are always excited to help.

Lower or eradicate your electricity bills

With a solar PV investment on Maui, you can either eradicate your electricity bills completely or save a significant amount of money on your bills. If you invest in a solar PV size that is capable of powering your entire home you won’t have to bother about electricity bills anymore.

Even when you invest in a solar PV system that can’t power your entire home 24/7, you’ll end up reducing your electricity bills significantly. The best part is you can start saving from the first day. Just like the electricity supplied by utilities, you can use solar power to run the various appliances in your home and for any other electrical needs.

Increase your property value

One of the most effective methods of increasing your property value is investing in solar power. With solar power up on your rooftop, you can sell your property faster and at a higher price compared to similar properties without a solar system.

The best part is you’ll be saving on electricity while living in the property and then whenever you’re ready to sell, you’ll end up selling at a higher price. This is one of the key reasons why solar PV is still a good investment in Maui.

Low maintenance costs

Solar power maintenance costs are next to nothing. The solar PV system has no moving parts and doesn’t require any expensive maintenance. The PV system is not susceptible to wear and tear and once it’s mounted, it doesn’t require any form of alteration.

The only maintenance that is required is cleaning the surface of the solar panels once or twice in a year. You can do the cleaning to clear off debris and dust that accumulates on the surface of the panels. More so, you may need to change your inverter after 5 to 10 years depending on its size and output.

Safer for the environment

Solar PV is still a good investment in Maui because it’s safer for the entire environment. you can easily reduce your carbon footprint on Maui by going green with a solar system. It’s one of the best ways to conserve and make the entire island safer for everyone. A safer environment for all is one of the key reasons why solar is still a good investment in Maui.