Best Bridge College in Nairobi’s Hurlingham area is taking a big step towards renewable energy training. The institution is now offering vocational and technical training on solar installation.

Best Bridge is creating a shift in vocational training in Kenya and has partnered with the US Center for International Trade Development. By offering diploma and certificate courses, students are training in a variety of clean energy concepts, solar installation and integration, as well as solar photovoltaics. During the course, students also learn how they can best introduce solar energy to the Kenyan market which heavily relies upon power providers such as Kenya Power and Lighting Company.

Course instructors view renewable energy as a necessary tool to move the Kenyan industry forward. Instructor Teresa Khakasa Juma stated, “remote areas may not have electricity, installing such devices could promote growth.” Another instructor, David Kathingo Makuthu added, “Kenya should look towards renewable energy, young men who train in solar installation could have a bright future.”

The diploma course takes only a year to complete with an internship opportunity in the final semester abroad at Skyline College. Students also have opportunities to train with other highly rated solar-based organizations.

Through this program, Best Bridge is paving the way for vocational training programs across the globe. For more details on their courses visit their website.