Maui has finally completed the first of two major solar utility projects, of which one of them is in South Maui and the other is in West Maui.  Both Maui solar power utility projects are expected to generate 2.87 megawatts a piece.These projects were put into place via a partnership between Hawaii Pacific Solar and Kenyon Energy, as well as Maui Electric.

According to Maui Now, “The site can offer up to 2.87 megawatts of solar power to Maui Electric’s grid at 11.06 cents per kilowatt hour.”, which will provide excellent savings to the island, as Maui Electric says they will pass on the savings. Located next to the Maui Research and Technology Park, this project provides a direct pipeline for some of the more energy hungry businesses on Maui.

The second project, in Lahaina, has yet to open.  The Maui News stated that commercial operations for both projects were expected to be complete in the first quarter of 2018, but they fell short of their deadline.   The Lahaina project is expected to come online shortly, which will add a more localized power source to the West Side of Maui.

Maui Now, as of May, has stated that Maui has a “renewable energy portfolio of 34 percent”, and “Nearly 12,000 rooftop solar systems”.  The recent utility solar project will add quite a nice chunk to our current possibilities. The Kihei project was built on Haleakala Ranch property, and is in partnership with the energy companies to supply the island’s energy needs.