Once you make up your mind to go green by choosing the cleanest renewable source of power on the planet, the next thing is to figure out how many solar panels you need for your home. There’s no reason for you to fret, with our Maui solar size calculator, the entire process is quite easy.

maui solar size calculator

Regardless of why you decide to embrace solar power, either to reduce your carbon footprint or save as much money as possible while maximizing your return on investment, you can easily calculate how many solar panels you need. This is only one thing you need to know before using the Maui solar size calculator:

  • How much do you expect your electric bill to be?

That said, one of the easiest methods of finding out how many solar panels you need is to reach out to a professional solar installer who is able to offer you a free home solar assessment.

What Solution Does Maui Solar Size Calculator Provides?  

Our Maui solar size calculator is designed to provide solutions to the following key questions:

How many kilowatt hours does your household currently use?

Start by taking a look at your electricity bills to figure out your household average usage. Pay attention to “Kilowatt Hours (or kWh) Used” or a similar indication. Also, pay attention to the period of time indicated (typically 30 days).

A kilowatt hour means the amount of power you’re consuming at any period of time multiplied by the overall time the power was used.

The average amount of energy you consume daily is your target amount to use in calculating your average solar energy needs. It will indicate the average number of kilowatt-hour your solar system must generate to make up for 100% of your energy needs.

How much solar power will you need?

To MANUALLY calculate how many solar panels you need to power your home, multiply your home’s hourly energy needs by the peak sunlight hours in your area and then divide that by the wattage of each panel. Other factors such as the amount of sunlight your roof is exposed to, the size of your roof, as well as your battery storage size will affect how much power you really need.