The buzz on Maui right now is all about the beautiful blooming sunflower fields. But these flowers are serving a bigger purpose than just being beautiful!

The flowers were planted by Pacific Biodiesel in February as the company’s first test crop, a 12 acre piece of a projected 115 acre biofuel crop site. The current crop is about 70 days old and will be in bloom for about 15-20 days. The sunflowers will be harvested on day 110 and the next crop will be planted within the following month.

Pacific Biodiesel planted its crops on land that was previously used for sugar cane production. The company says this is the largest biofuel crop in the state of Hawaii and the only one running on 100% renewable fuel showing the company’s community based intentions for sustainability and renewable energy.

In honor of Earth Day, Pacific Biodiesel has already sold out an event that will take guests on a sunflower field visit, give them a fresh cut bloom as well as a new seed to plant for the next crop. In the future they plan to organize tours of the farm to give the opportunity to learn about the company’s “agriculture and renewable energy” model.