When you’re making the switch to solar energy on Maui, you’ll have to choose between an off-grid and a grid-tied solar system. Grid-tied systems seem to be a common option among homeowners on Maui because they can depend on the power grid like many parts of the island. In contrasts, opting for off-grid solar panels on Maui means the homeowner is independent at generating power for their home.

Unlike the grid-tied solar system, off-grid system depends on batteries to store the electricity generated by the off-grid solar panels. While being off-the island’s electrical grid may seem odd, there are tons of reasons for homeowners to choose off-grid solar panels on the island and why they are better.

Benefits of Off-Grid Solar Panels On Maui 

Here are key benefits of going green with off-grid solar panels:

1. You Can Avoid Power Outages

Sometimes, it’s extremely hard to predict power outages. This means you’ll have to live without power supply. This can cause some level of inconvenience in the short term and become extremely stressful as time goes on.

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Most times, power outages end as swiftly as they began. However, other times the outage can extend for a while. Depending on the cause of outage, you may have to live without electricity for a day or two until services are fully restored. And its hard to predict what can trigger the next power outage.

Off-grid solar panels on Maui are reliable for power loss situations. They have the capacity to store energy and they serve as a backup during power outages. With an off-grid solar panels on the island, you wouldn’t have to bother about unexpected power outages.

2. You Get the Chance to Slash Your Electricity Costs

Fossil fuels are still the leading source of primary energy across the world. These include oil, petroleum, natural gas, and coal. As these fossil fuels deplete, their costs increase as well as their production costs which translates to more expensive electric bills for consumers.

Off-grid solar panels on Maui depends on the sun to generate the electricity required to power a home. More so, the popularity and inception of LED fixtures has lowered the need for maintenance payment. Currently, homeowners are mostly only required to change batteries.

Though the actual cost of paying for off-grid solar panels on Maui is relatively high, the low monthly power rates, make up for it.

Should You Choose Off-Grid Solar Panels on Maui Or Not?

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3. Keep Maui Clean and Green With Less Carbon Footprint

Choosing off-grid solar panels on Maui means keeping the entire island of Maui clean and green. Burning fossil fuels does not only produce energy but have a severe impact on the global warming crisis the world is facing. Fossil fuels generates large amounts of carbon dioxide while burning  thereby trapping heat in the atmosphere and altering the world’s climate.

Unlike fossil fuels technologies, clean renewable energy sources like off-grid solar panels on the island reduces carbon footprint to contribute to keeping the island’s atmosphere and environment clean. Choosing off-grid solar panels on Maui means reducing your reliance on fossil fuel and helping the island to stay clean and green with less carbon footprints.