Many homeowners in Maui are switching to renewable and clean energy to power up their homes, keep the environment clean, healthy, and save a significant cost on electricity. However, when you make the decision to switch to solar power, you’ll have two key options to choose from. You can either stay on a grid-tied solar system (with MECO or HELCO) or choose the off grid solar systems in Maui.

The grid-tied system used to be the standard among homeowners because it connects their homes with the rest of Maui’s energy source. On the other hand, off grid solar systems in Maui offer renewable energy through solar panels, a battery bank, a charge controller and off-grid inverters.

Off grid solar systems store energy in lead-acid batteries. When the solar panels that typically power the building (through sunlight) is not generating sufficient power for the entire household needs, the batteries serve as a backup – providing energy for the home.

So why should you opt for off grid solar systems in Maui ahead of the grid-tied system?

off grid solar systems in Maui

Key Benefits of Off Grid Solar Systems in Maui

Avoid City-wide Power Outages

Once you’re on off grid solar systems in Maui, you won’t have to bother about any sudden power outage at your home. You’re not connected to the city’s power source – which can be easily disrupted as a result of freezing rain, sleet storms or high winds that cause severe damage to power lines and equipment.

Some outages caused by severe damages to power lines and equipment can last for several days leaving everyone connected without power. But if you install off grid solar systems in your home in Maui, your energy production and consumption will be self-sufficient. Your back up batteries charged with solar energy will power your home and you wouldn’t have to bother about heatwaves, storms, or rains etc. interrupting power.

The equipment of an off grid solar system in Maui is a standalone. You’re only required to focus on your power demands to prevent outages.

Reduced Electricity Costs  

Choosing off grid renewable energy eradicates your dependence on limited resources such as fossil fuels that rise in price as they deplete. It also eradicates the need to pay electricity bills. While the initial cost for installing off grid solar systems in Maui is relatively high, its low maintenance costs and low monthly rates make up for the high price in the long run.

Off grid solar systems depend only on the sun to generate energy for a home eliminating the need for monthly electricity bills. In addition, since the introductions of LED fixtures that only require the changing of batteries, maintenance costs have been lower than standard.

Keeps the Environment Green and Clean

Compared to other types of renewable energy – especially fossil fuel energy, solar power is greener and cleaner for the environment. Regardless of what you opt for either on-grid or off-grid systems, it’s still environmentally safer and healthier than fossil fuel energy.

Easier to install

Off grid solar systems equipment are standalones. As a result, the installation process is pretty straightforward and faster. In many cases, the system only requires a homeowner to understand how common tools work. Once installed, the entire process isn’t complicated to the extent of hiring an expert before it can work.

Off grid systems also eliminate the high cost of trenching which is required to connect a grid system to the main power source for grid-tied systems.