After carefully evaluating the benefits of having a solar system for your home, you may wonder about the cost of PV installation on Maui.

Many homeowners choose to install their own solar PV systems. However, the DIY route doesn’t come without challenges.

When it comes to PV installation on Maui, what’s a homeowner to do? Should you pay for professional solar system installation services, or is it better to install the system yourself?

If you’re ready to go solar, keep reading. When it comes to residential PV installation on Maui, make sure you make the right choice when investing in your home.

Maui PV Installation Services

Do it yourself PV installation on Maui

It is definitely possible to install your own PV system for the home. However, consider these pros and cons before you make a final decision.


1. Reduced installation costs – Today, it’s possible to find solar kits your can install yourself. And depending on the type of panel you choose and its quality, installing a PV system yourself definitely costs less than hiring a professional.

2. Immediate installation – With solar panels becoming more and more popular, professionals are becoming busier and busier. Hence, you’ll probably need to wait several weeks to schedule an installation date and receive the equipment.


1. Installing a solar system can be a complex process – There are many tutorials that explain how to install a solar system on your own. However, that doesn’t make the installation process easy! Unless you have an electric and / or a construction background, it’s best to seek the help of a professional.

2. Possible complications only a professional could solve – There are 3 main types of solar systems: on-grid, off-grid and hybrid. In order to make sure you choose the right one for your home, it’s best to consult with a professional. Furthermore, utility companies often need the correct permits and sign-off from a professional to allow homeowners to connect a solar system to the grid.

Professional PV installation in Maui

Hiring a professional service for your PV installation on Maui is recommended. Consider the advantages and disadvantages that come with working with the pros.


1. Warranty coverage – Solar system installation companies offer a solid warranty for their services. If you choose to install a solar system yourself, you can say goodbye to the warranty coverage offered by a professional.

2. Access to financing applications, rebates and permits – Zoning requirements and permits, financing applications and other necessary paperwork can be difficult to handle. Professional services, however, can handle all the paperwork with ease.

3. Professional experience with installing PV systems – Correct PV installation in Maui is all about experience. You’ll feel more confident hiring a professional to help. At Pacific Energy, we have the experience and expertise to correctly install a PV system for you home, hassle free.


1. Higher cost – Professional solar installation prices are the main reason homeowners choose the DIY route. However, the many advantages that come with hiring someone with experience should far outweigh the costs.

2. Extended timeline to get the PV system running – Hiring a pro often means having to wait a few weeks before you start to enjoy your savings. However, if waiting means having access to all the advantages described above, it makes sense to start your search for professional PV installation on Maui and forget about installing a solar system yourself.