PV systems on Maui are designed to require few maintenance once they are installed on the roof or anywhere else. Top quality PV systems on Maui can last for over 40 years. In fact, many panels on the island have a warranty of 20 to 25 years at least. So, with appropriate maintenance as required, your PV systems on Maui can continue to generate maximum power for several decades.

PV solar systems on Maui

Significant Maintenance Tips for PV Systems on Maui

Your PV systems on Maui will continuously deliver maximum energy output with this maintenance tips:

Clean Your Solar Panels As Required

Solar panels are often installed on rooftop making them hard to reach for proper cleaning except you decide to climb up there. While this may seem like a tough task, cleaning your PV systems on Maui make certain that the solar cells are open and clear to receive the highest possible amount of insolation. This is crucial to make the most of the solar panels’ energy production.

Depending on how much dirt the panels accumulate over time, you can clean the glass on the panels as often as required.

A biodegradable soap along with a clean rag or soft cloth can do the trick. Also, if panels are covered with dusts, a hose pipe with water can do the cleaning. You should read this to learn how to clean your solar panels appropriately.

Prevent Shading

Prior to installation, your contractor is required to conduct a site analysis to ensure that your PV systems on Maui doesn’t end up in an area with shades. However, after the panels are installed, you may have to deal with shading such as the one from nearby towering trees.

Shading reduces insolation which decreases the system’s power output. While cutting down trees isn’t a good option, you can trim them as required to avoid shading.

Keep An Eye On The System’s Performance

The fastest way to figure out a glitch in the system is to monitor its output by checking it daily, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

Other Maintenance Tips For PV Systems On Maui

  • Check your PV system inverter display daily to make sure its working appropriately as required and the green light is on. Don’t hesitate to refer to the manual if the green light goes off.
  • More so, consider keeping a daily record of the solar panels’ energy production so you can compare performance over a long period of time. Many modern inverters can do this automatically via mobile apps.
  • Maintaining your PV systems on Maui monthly and quarterly involves inspecting the panels for dirt and dust accumulation.

Your PV systems on Maui annual inspection should be all-encompassing to include inspecting the entire system to ensure its working as required. This include:

  • Conducting an overall performance inspection of the system by reviewing its daily output data to identify any significant changes in energy production.
  • Checking the inverters to ascertain any malfunction, looking out for any resistive joints on connections, and ascertaining the DC voltage flowing into the inverter.
  • Inspecting breakers for any possible damage and making sure that the isolation devices are working appropriately.
  • Inspecting the solar panels to make sure that they dust free, clean, non-corrosive, free of moisture penetration, scratches and browning.
  • Inspecting fuse boxes for water damage as well as resistive joints on connections.
  • Inspecting the mounting hardware to ascertain its condition and to guarantee that the earth connection is stable.
  • Inspecting junction boxes to ensure that the integrity of connections and clamping devices as well as lid seals are unbroken. Also, inspecting the junction boxes to make sure it’s not accumulating water which could trigger damage.