Are you considering a residential solar panel installation on Maui?

With thousands of new customers joining the solar power industry every year, it is one of the sectors with the fastest growth rates in the world. However, many of these customers have found it difficult to get assistance with solar installations and home improvement projects that use renewable energy.

Finding reliable information can be difficult for anyone, including homeowners looking for advice and contractors hired for a residential solar panel installation.  At Pacific Energy, we are always excited to provide all you need to know about residential solar panel installation on Maui.

Tips for residential solar panel installation on Maui

The following are relevant tips for residential solar panel installation on Maui:

Make sure your roof is strong enough for the installation

If you are considering a residential solar panel installation, make sure your roof can handle the task. Solar panel arrays are built to last. For instance, the general rule of thumb is that solar panels should not be installed on a roof that has less than 10 years left to live!

Residential Solar Panel Installation On Maui

How many solar panels do you need?

How can you figure out the number of solar panels you need? Check your electricity bills to see the average amount of electricity your home is consuming per month. This will give you an idea of the number of residential solar panels you need on Maui. Also, this will ensure your home is protected day and night and reduce energy waste. You can also use our free solar size calculator to get the right answer.

Check for Damage to your Solar Panels

Solar panel system is an expensive investment, and things might happen during shipping. Don’t hesitate to inspect the system for any potential damage. Check the batteries as well as the wiring, and other parts. Before installation starts, make sure to discuss any problems you uncover with the provider and get the necessary items replaced. This is key to get your residential solar panel installation on Maui right.

Face the Equator

When installing solar panels, the industry standard is to face them toward the equator. Obviously, there may be times when you need to make adjustments due to unforeseen circumstances but following this general guideline will help to ensure that your solar panels get maximum exposure to sunlight during the sun’s most intense hours.

Secure the Standoff Legs on Roofs

You’ll have to put up with the wind when installing solar panels on rooftops. Be sure to drill lag bolt holes through the center of support beams every four feet in standoff legs to help prevent significant damage during strong winds. You wont have to bother about this once you hire a professional residential solar panel installation company on Maui.

Use High-Quality Materials

Budget shouldn’t be considered while purchasing a solar energy system. Use top-notch materials, fasteners, and sealants to help safeguard your investment for years to come. This is key for residential solar panels installation on Maui.

Safety First!

Be mindful that you are working with live electricity when installing solar technology. Wear insulated gloves and boots, stay away from any conductive objects like watches or jewelry when installing solar panels. Last but not least, be sure to have an electrician examine your work before you connect the system to the main grid!