Considering the constant rising costs of electricity across the U.S. you’d probably ask a similar question many people on the island are asking, should I get solar panels on Maui? Asking this question can help you elicit the right answers to make the right choice about going green. Unlike traditional source of electricity, solar power generates renewable energy which is safer for the entire island.

More so, weighing available power options carefully can help you figure out if going green is the best option. To help you get started, and then make the right choice, we’ve compiled the most relevant answers you’ll need about the question “should I get solar panels on the island?”

Should I get solar panels on Maui?

1. You can use solar panels anywhere on Maui

If you’re wondering if solar panels can work in your location on the island, the answer is yes. You can install solar panels anywhere on Maui as long as there is no object or plants such as trees obstructing them from sunlight.

From Kihei to Kahului, Lahaina, Paia, Hana, Waikapu, Pukalani, to Makawao or Ualapue etc. Regardless of your location on Maui, you can have solar panels installed on your rooftop or anywhere else around your property suitable for maximum output. Learn how to choose the right solar power PV system on Maui.

2. Flexible installation option

It’s easy to assume that you can only install solar panels on rooftops. There are several other installation site options too. You can easily have your panels installed on horizontal and vertical spaces. Many homeowners choose rooftops because most roofs are directly facing the sun without any obstruction.

should i get solar panels on maui

So, if your roof isn’t strong enough or good enough for solar panels for any reason, you can have the panels installed on the right spot on the ground. Professional solar panel installers know exactly how to help you determine the best spot and angle for your solar panels.

3. Inexpensive maintenance costs

Should I get solar panels on Maui or is too expensive to maintain? Solar panels on Maui typically don’t require any expensive maintenance because they have no moving parts. All you have to do is make sure they are clean and free of dust, debris, and obstructions.

Cleaning the panels a few times in a year will keep them clean to ensure they generate maximum output. Depending on the manufacturer of your solar panels, you’re most likely to get a warranty of 20 – 25 years on them.

4. Boost the value of your home

Should I get solar panels on Maui and will it add any value to my property? Once you have solar panels installed on your rooftop or anywhere else on your property on Maui, it ultimately boosts the value of such property.

So, if you make up your mind to move in the future, you’ll earn a good return on investment on your solar panels and make some more on the property too. Also, its faster and easier to find buyers for homes with solar panels on Maui.

5. Dependable and cheaper energy source

Solar panels are no long as expensive as they were several years ago. The panels are now cheaper and more efficient with improved technology. Once you decide to get solar panels on Maui you won’t have to bother about the efficiency of regular power sources. Rather, you will focus on generating your home’s energy through solar panels installed on your property.

Don’t forget that the cost of electricity is constantly rising because traditional electricity is non-renewable energy and it is limited. In contrast, solar power is renewable and it’s the cleanest energy available on earth. So, installing solar power means having the most reliable source of energy on earth.