Solar air conditioning on Maui comes with many benefits. From the fact that, once you no longer depend on the grid, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of money, to the greatest benefit of all, which is preserving the environment.

But how exactly does solar air conditioning on Maui compare to other methods of keeping your home chill when it’s summer?

Without further ado, here are the main benefits that come with going green and choosing to switch to a solar AC.

1. Solar air conditioning in Maui helps you save money in the long run

When it comes to air conditioners, it’s important to realize that a conventional system running at peak times during the day will consume a lot of energy. Whereas, a solar air conditioning on Maui will not.

In other words, installing a solar AC comes with the advantage of a reduced energy cost. Although the initial cost of installing it may seem high, in the long run the investment is really worth it, especially if you live in a hot place like Maui. The amount of energy that solar air conditioning will save you over the years can rapidly offset the cost of the installation.

2. Solar AC systems are very easy to maintain

Many people don’t realize this, but maintaining a solar panel system is very easy. In fact, most solar PV system require little to no maintenance at all. As long as it rains every once in a while, your panels should receive all the maintenance / cleaning they need.

Since solar AC works by powering the AC compressor, with up to 90% of the energy being provided by your panels, you can rest assured that, as long as your PV system functions properly, so will your air conditioning system.

3. Solar air conditioning units offer several environmental benefits

Solar AC comes with many advantages, but one of the most important ones are closely related to the environment.

Since the energy you generate with the help of your PV system is renewable and produces very little greenhouse gas emissions, it’s safe to say that solar air conditioning on Maui is environmentally friendly.

By reducing the demand on the electric grid, you can help preserve our already fragile environment, all the while saving money in the long run.

Can you add solar to an existing AC?

Now that you know more about the advantages of solar air conditioning on Maui, you may wonder if you can add solar to the AC unit you already own.

The answer is yes.

At Pacific Energy, we understand that investing in a conventional AC unit wasn’t cheap in the first place. So, if you’re looking to keep using your old unit, but leverage the power of the Sun, we can hook up your existing unit to the solar power system. Actually, we can power not only your AC, but everything else as well, even without batteries.

To find out more about the advantages of solar air conditioning on Maui and how to install solar on your existing unit, get in touch with us today!