What should you consider before choosing any solar company in Hawaii?

Solar energy has several key benefits, including reducing or eliminating your electricity bills and giving you control over the rising cost of energy. Also, it lowers carbon emissions and raises your home’s value. Discover the key reasons to go solar in Hawaii.

What to consider before choosing a solar company in Hawaii 

Read on to find out the key things to consider before making up your mind about any solar company in Hawaii:

Will the solar company in Hawaii visit your home for inspection?

Choose a solar company in Hawaii that’s interested in visiting your home for an inspection before installation. The solar company in Hawaii must inspect your property to determine the right spot to install the solar panels. Homes with awkward roof shapes might not be suitable to have the solar panels on the rooftop. The installer will find the best spot to install the solar panels to get maximum exposure to sunlight.

Will you be able to communicate with the solar system installers?

Every home is uniquely constructed, with a range of roof pitches, shading patterns, and electrical panels. Understanding your needs and taking into account the current design of your property will lead to good solar panel designs.

Solar Company In Hawaii

You need to be sure that you are not talking about the design with the salesperson. You need to talk to the designer. You can ask specific technical questions of the sales representative, who will likely need to refer them to a team member with experience installing solar panels. Find out if hiring a local solar installer in Hawaii is worth it?

Check the equipment

The type of solar equipment you choose will impact the quality of your solar system installation. The solar energy industry is dynamic like several other industries. Choose a solar company in Hawaii with a vast experience in solar installation and knowledge of the industry. Your desired installer should be able to explain the key differences between the available solar panels and what they’ll use for your solar system. You shouldn’t sign a contract without knowing what you’re signing up for.

Read reviews online

Ask for references before making up your mind to choose any solar company in Hawaii. Also, go online and read as many reviews as you can about the company’s solar installation services. Find out what previous customers are saying about the company’s quality of service, customer support, and they communicate. These are some of the key things to consider before choosing a solar company in Hawaii.

Previous work examples

Find some installed samples of their work rather than only relying on referrals. The ideal strategy is to locate a client who has used their system for a number of years. It is helpful to see some earlier examples in addition to hearing about recent consumer experiences. You want to know whether their work will stand the test of time. Are their clients content five years after working with the installer?


Prior to selecting your solar panel installer, you should critically consider the warranty. Solar panels often come with a 20-year warranty. If the installer is promising a warranty that’s less than 20 years, you’re probably getting a lower quality solar panels.

Get a copy of the solar contract

The fine print should indicate the contract terms. You’ll need details about the actual costs of the solar panels as well as tax benefits and other state or federal government benefits. Also, read the contract repeatedly to find out if there are no hidden costs or fees that could make the solar installation more expensive.