Do you know how to find the best solar electric company on Maui?

Finding a reliable installer shouldn’t be a difficult task for homeowners. Most local solar companies should offer complete solutions to cover all your needs and install a quality solar system for your home.

But how do you know which solar electric company on Maui you should work with?

By simply doing a quick research, you should be able to narrow down the best solar companies on the island. Keep reading to find out how to find a local solar electric company on Maui you can trust.

Maui Solar Electric Companies

Ask your family, friends, coworkers or neighbors about solar electric companies on Maui

Did someone you know recently install a solar PV system for their home? Did you notice new solar panels on the roofs of your neighbors?

Ask around and see if someone you know can recommend a reliable solar electric company on Maui. If your loved ones or your neighbors can vouch for a specific service, you should add that solar company to your shortlist.

Read the reviews of former customers and compare recommendations

Comparing the generic opinions of strangers doesn’t mean you don’t value your friends’ or your loved ones’ recommendations. You need to make sure you’ll hire a 5 star service.

Most service providers are capable of installing a standard solar system. But it’s solar electric companies on Maui with a great reputation that will go the extra mile to meet every single one of their clients’ expectations.

Look for licensed solar electric companies on Maui

Although having a license is not necessary to install a solar panel system, it’s always best to work with licensed professionals.

Many homeowners prefer to hire a local electrician to hook up their new solar system. However, looking for a licensed solar electric company on Maui will offer you the guarantee your installer has the knowledge and experience to handle the electrical components of your PV system.

Always hire a solar electric company on Maui that offers insurance

Insurance protects both your property, as well as your installer. Unfortunately, accidents can happen. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Professionals who aren’t insured should still be liable for any damages they cause to your home. However, you might need to wait a long time until the legal issues will be resolved and you’ll obtain the compensation necessary for the repairs.

Make sure the professionals you hire offer you a warranty

The best solar electric companies on Maui should always offer workmanship warranty to their clients. If a panel comes loose or if the initial installation is faulty, the warranty should cover the cost of the repairs.

Look for a solar electric company on Maui that offers competitive quotes

Last, but definitely not least, look for solar companies that offer the best quotes.

The initial investment to installing a solar PV system can seem costly. Make sure you understand what the cost of your new system implies and be vary of companies that fail to explain the final quote in detail.

Keep in mind that reliable companies should also provide enough information regarding your solar financing options. At Pacific Energy, we offer our clients detailed information on solar loans, as well as Hawaii solar tax credit and federal solar tax credit.