Did you know that humans consume 221 tons of coal, 1,066 barrels of oil, and 93,000 metric cubes of natural gas, every second?

Our current plan and use of fossil fuels isn’t working in terms of sustainability for the long run. The question isn’t whether or not fossil fuels should be replaced with renewable sources of energy, it’s which ones to replace them with.

Solar has huge potential as the replacement. To put it in perspective,  the Earth is struck with more energy from the sun in 90 minutes than the worldwide consumption of energy from all other resources combined in a year.

Energy is an extremely important resource for humanity. When comparing Solar to other renewable resources in terms of longevity, it ranks on top.

  • Solar at 120,000 TW at earths surface, assuming only 10% efficiency and covering less than 2% of earths surface gets us 50 TW
  • Wind is at 2-4 TW at 10 meters
  • Nuclear is 8 TW — but due to decommissioning you need to build 1 power plant every 1.5 days
  • Biomass 5-7 TW, cultivatable land not used for food
  • Geothermal 12 TW, with potential of releasing harmful gases

We here at Pacific Energy are proud to be a part of helping to provide the top viable renewable energy source in the world, now and for the future!