Do you know how much power you can produce with the solar panels for your home in Hawaii?

At Pacific Energy, we often get asked this very question. Many homeowners on the island who are looking to go solar are curious to find out how much power they can actually produce if they install a solar system.

Do homeowners need to install an expensive PV system to produce enough energy for their entire house? Or will they be able to save and install less panels, but still be able to power their home with green energy?

While the amount of energy you can produce does depend on the number of solar panels for your home in Hawaii and on the efficiency of the entire system, there are other factors that can come into play. Let’s take a look at the most common ones.

1. The amount of power produced by the solar panels for your home in Hawaii depends on the position of your property

Did you know that every solar installation is unique?

Depending on the position of your home and its orientation, each PV project is different. Solar panels need to capture as much sunlight as possible so your solar installer needs to find the right angle to position them. Of course, the Sun will “hit” the panels differently at different hours throughout the day, but in any case, the amount of energy you can produce with your panels depends on your home’s orientation to the Sun and on the expertise of your solar installer.

2. The outside temperature may influence the amount of solar power your system can produce

Have you ever thought about what happens if there’s too much heat?

Typically, if the temperature is too high, the efficiency of your solar panels will drop. Luckily, modern technology allows you to choose between different types of panels so that you can make the best and most efficient decision possible if you plan on installing solar panels for your home in Hawaii.

3. The production of solar power does depend on the weather

The fact that your solar panels will stop working on cloudy or rainy days is just a myth. Still, there’s a tiny amount of truth in that affirmation…

Although we do live in the Aloha state where we’re lucky enough to get a lot of Sun each year, there are still plenty rainy days over here and days when the Sun just won’t shine! While that’s not that big of a deal, it’s true that clouds may block part of the visible light and the efficiency of the solar panels for your home in Hawaii may drop. Don’t worry though, you’ll still be able to produce enough electricity to power your property!

4. To work at full efficiency, the solar panels for your home in Hawaii need to “see” the light

Last but not least, the amount of power your panels can produce may vary based on your location and maintenance routine.

Shade from trees, leaves, dust, debris and dirt can obscure light and “hurt” power production. Most installers can find an efficient way to avoid shading if you live in an area with lots of trees. However, in order to maximize the amount of power the solar panels for your home in Hawaii can produce, you should take the time, at least once or twice a year and rinse off the dirt and other “obstacles” from your panels.