Of all clean energy sources today, solar seems to be the best alternative. This specific type of renewable energy is still a trending topic, even though going green comes with both pros and cons.

So what are the solar power advantages and disadvantages in Maui?

At Pacific Energy, we’ve compiled a list of solar energy pros and cons that should help you make an informed decision if you’re looking to invest in a solar system for your home.

Solar Power pros and cons

Solar power advantages and disadvantages on Maui: cost

When it comes to solar power advantages and disadvantages in Maui, cost may be the most debated topic.

On one hand, reducing your utility bills today translates into massive savings in the long run. The sooner you invest in solar, the sooner you can start to save! Furthermore, solar systems generally don’t require a lot of maintenance. As long as you can keep them relatively clean, you should have a fully functioning PV system for at least the next 2 or 3 decades.

However, the cost of installing a solar PV system for your home is one of the main reasons why so many homeowners on the island are afraid to take the leap. Nevertheless, with the solar technology constantly evolving, it’s safe to assume that the cost of going green will only go down in the future and investing in solar is 100% worth it! And besides, qualifying for federal and state tax credits means you can save on the cost of installation even more.

Solar technology benefits and drawbacks: pollution

One of the disadvantages that are associated with installing a solar system is, oddly enough, pollution. Although compared to other sources of energy, solar is the most environmentally friendly, there’s still the issue of transportation and installation of PV systems that have both been associated with the emission of greenhouse gases.

However, when it comes to solar power advantages and disadvantages on Maui, you should keep in mind that solar technology pollutes far less than any other alternative. And even though the manufacturing process of PV systems still involves the use of some toxic materials, the technology is constantly evolving, making it possible for us to generate clean, green energy long term, at zero cost.

Solar energy pros and cons: technology

Solar power advantages and disadvantages on Maui are closely related to modern technology.

On one hand, PV systems allow you to have access to an endless, renewable source of energy. On the other hand, the efficiency of a solar system depends on the weather.

On a different note, solar energy can be used for myriad purposes. You can generate electricity and power your home or you can use solar power for heat. However, the more energy you need to produce, the more solar panels you’ll need and therefore, the more space you’ll require. If your roof isn’t big enough to fit the solar panel system you’d like to have, you’d have to either install some panels in your backyard or satisfy fewer of your energy needs.

At the end of the day though, all these disadvantages pale in comparison to the benefits of going solar. Although going green isn’t completely risk free, solar power is still the best way you can save money in the long run, all the while polluting less and preserving the environment.