Before deciding whether or not to install a photovoltaic power system for your home, you should learn about some of the most important solar power facts and basics.

What is solar energy and how is it produced? Does solar power affect our health or that of the environment?

Although the Sun has been shining since the beginning of time, it was only in the 1830’s that Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect and the operating principle of the solar cell. The solar power industry has been evolving ever since and more and more homeowners on Maui today choose to “go green” and install a solar power system for their homes.

Here are 7 of the most interesting solar power facts every homeowner in Maui should know.

7 interesting solar power facts you should know

Solar Energy Facts

1. Solar energy is free

Among the many solar power facts, this is one of the most interesting ones. Did you know solar energy is completely free? As long as the Sun rises every morning, it only takes about 8 minutes for the light to travel and reach your solar panels, creating energy.

2. Solar energy represents the future

Because solar energy is non-pollutant and does’t harm the health of our surroundings, it has been recognized to be the future of alternative energy sources. The use of fossil fuels is harmful for the environment, whereas solar energy helps preserve it.

3. Solar energy is reliable

This is one of the most used renewable sources of energy worldwide. Solar power has massive potential and installing a solar panel system for your home comes with many long term advantages.

4. There are no recurring costs with solar panels

Many homeowners think solar panels are expensive. But because a solar panel system requires little maintenance, once you install one for your home, you’ll have no recurring costs and you can enjoy your savings starting day 1.

5. You can benefit from solar energy even on cloudy days or at night

Residential solar panel systems consist of several components: the panels, the inverter, a battery and so on. When the sunlight is absorbed by the panels, it is then converted into electricity by the system. If you rely on battery backup, you can use the stored electricity later on, even on cloudy days or at night.

6. Pollution prevents the use of solar energy

One of the most concerning solar energy facts is knowing that pollution can block the sunlight from efficiently reaching the Earth. The more homeowners switch to solar panel systems, the better the Earth will be able to harness solar energy.

7. The main reason people don’t go solar is the initial investment

It’s a well known fact that installing a solar panel system can be costly. However, homeowners should know that, by installing a solar PV system, you could benefit from significant solar tax incentives. Furthermore, studies have shown the average annual cost of electricity in the US is $1,300 per household. However, by installing a solar panel system for your home, your system could pay for itself and your electric bills in a matter of a few short years.