As Hawaii transitions towards renewable energy, solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) have emerged as a popular financing option for homeowners and businesses looking to go solar.


In this informative guide, Pacific Energy, a leading solar company based on Maui, explores the intricacies of solar PPAs in Hawaii, shedding light on how they work, their benefits, and why they’re an attractive option for those seeking to harness the power of the sun.

Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) In Hawaii?


Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) In Hawaii is a financial arrangement that allows homeowners and businesses to purchase the electricity generated by a solar energy system installed on their property at a predetermined rate per kilowatt-hour (kWh).


Unlike purchasing a solar energy system outright or leasing it, with a PPA, the customer does not own the solar panels but rather pays for the electricity they produce. Find out why installing solar panels for your home in Hawaii is key.


Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

How Do Solar PPAs Work in Hawaii?


In Hawaii, solar PPAs function similarly to those in other regions. A solar provider installs and maintains the solar energy system on the customer’s property at little to no upfront cost. The customer then enters into a long-term contract, typically ranging from 15 to 25 years, agreeing to purchase the electricity the system generates at a specified rate.

Benefits of Solar PPAs in Hawaii

No Upfront Costs


One of the primary benefits of solar PPAs in Hawaii is that they require little to no upfront costs for homeowners and businesses. This makes solar energy more accessible to a wider range of customers. It allows them to start saving on their electricity bills from day one. This is without the financial burden of purchasing a system outright.

Predictable Energy Costs


With a solar PPA, customers lock in a fixed rate for the electricity generated by the solar energy system. This provides them with predictable energy costs over the term of the contract. This protection against rising utility rates can result in significant long-term savings and financial stability for customers in Hawaii. Read about Hawaii solar tax incentives.

Environmental Benefits


By choosing a solar PPA, customers in Hawaii contribute to the state’s clean energy goals and help reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Solar energy is abundant and renewable, producing electricity without emitting harmful greenhouse gases or contributing to air and water pollution.

Is a Solar PPA Right for You?


Determining whether a solar PPA is the right choice for your home or business in Hawaii depends on various factors. This includes your financial situation, energy needs, and long-term goals. Here are a few questions to consider:


  • Are you looking to minimize upfront costs and enjoy predictable energy costs over the long term?
  • Do you want to support Hawaii’s clean energy initiatives and reduce your carbon footprint?
  • Are you comfortable with entering a long-term contract for purchasing solar electricity?


Solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) offer a convenient and cost-effective way for homeowners and businesses in Hawaii to go solar without the upfront investment of purchasing a system outright. Learn about Maui commercial solar installation.

Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) In Hawaii


With benefits such as no upfront costs, predictable energy costs, and environmental sustainability, solar PPAs are an attractive option for those looking to harness the sun’s power and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future in Hawaii. Contact Pacific Energy today to learn more about solar PPAs and start your journey toward energy independence.