Solar technology is sweeping the world. Companies everywhere are working toward new ways to incorporate solar into our every day lives. Videocon (a company headquartered in Mumbai, India) just created the world’s first Solar Powered Air Conditioner Hybrid, boasting it will allow “100% power savings”!

Solar Panel Array

The Solar Hybrid AC will draw its power from solar panels created to run efficiently in all climate conditions. During the day, it runs on direct solar power and at night it is powered by a battery which is replenished during the day.

At the launch, Sanjeev Bakshi, said “The AC market is growing rapidly in the country driven by technology, infrastructural developments, and increase in the consumer’s spending. Videocon is the pioneer in bringing innovations in the AC segment, and it gives me immense pleasure that today we have launched the Solar Hybrid air conditioner. Provided with the most reliable solar panel that comes with 25 years’ of linear power output warranty and 10 years of panel warranty. The newly launched AC provides efficient cooling without any fluctuations with the least load on grid. We are expecting to sell 6.5 lakh (hundred thousand) units of air conditioners this year and plan to increase our market share in the AC segment to 13%.”

Pacific Energy is now offering Hybrid Solar AC systems on Maui to it’s customers.