The decision to go green in Hawaii is not only about generating power. It’s also about preserving the island. So, choosing the right solar services in Hawaii is about doing things right for your home and for the entire island. If you’re mulling over how to choose the right  solar company on Hawaii, we’ve collated all the key things to consider to help you make the right choice.

Tips for choosing the right solar services on Hawaii

Let’s dive right in!

1. Compile a list of solar services in Hawaii provider

Go on the internet and search for the best solar services in Hawaii. Make a list of the various solar services provider you find. You may have a long list at first, as you go further, the list will narrow down accordingly.

2. Ask for their licenses and insurance

The best solar services in Hawaii are licensed and insured. Before hiring any solar service provider, enquire about their licenses and insurance as required by state laws. You may find a solar service provider without insurance and license offering extremely cheaper services. Hiring such a solar company will most likely hurt you in the long run.

With an uninsured and unlicensed service provider, you’ll be responsible for anything that goes wrong with the solar system. More so, if you decide to sell your home anytime, you won’t be able to add the cost of the system to the value of your property.

Solar services in Hawaii

3. Experience and track record

Nothing beats a high level of experience and a strong track record in offering solar services in Hawaii. Just before you hire any solar company on the island, ask about their track record and experience. A solar company with over ten years of experience on the job and a strong reputation cannot be compared to one that started few months ago. Narrow down your list of solar companies on Hawaii based on their level of experience and track record.

4. Ask for referrals

Solar companies offering top-quality solar services on the island wouldn’t hesitate to provide referrals if you request for them. Get a list of the various referrals each company provide and then call each customer on the referral list. Note down each significant comment from each referral. Ask about the solar company’s quality of work, communication, delivery time, and if they adhere to schedules or not etc. Narrow down your shortlist based on the response you get.

5. Read reviews

Previous customers’ reviews about each shortlisted company’s solar services in Hawaii will give you a crystal-clear idea about the quality of each company’s services. While you may not find a 100 percent positive or negative reviews, you’ll easily observe that the reviews will either tilt positively or negatively. If you observe too many negative reviews and complaints, that’s a red flag. Avoid such solar companies on Hawaii. To find reviews about any Hawaii solar company online, type the name of the company plus the word review on Google.

6. Customer support

Call the customer support telephone number of each of the solar services in Hawaii company on your shortlist. Ask about the various solar services the company is providing and pay attention to how they respond to your questions. If they pay attention to every detail, that same attitude probably runs through the entire company. Solar services in Hawaii provider who pays attention to every detail of their job also ensure that their customer support team adopt that as a standard.

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