Tesla Powerwall is one of the leading technologies in the solar industry designed to make going green with solar systems more effective and accessible. if you’re wondering if Tesla Powerwall installation is suitable for your home or not, we have all the information you need to make the right choice.

Tesla Powerwall installation

What is Tesla Powerwall?

Tesla Powerwall is a smart, custom-built solar solution that is installed for residential use. With Tesla Powerwall installation, homeowners can start using solar power instantly and end their dependence on fossil fuel. Tesla Powerwall has a compact design and it comes with a built-in battery inverter which ensures smooth integration and wireless updates of new features.

The regular solar power system only allows you to use power during daytime if you don’t have a battery backup. But with a Tesla Powerwall system, you can store excess daytime energy and use it when it’s dark. More so, Tesla Powerwall is a clean renewable source of energy and you don’t have to worry about any sort of pollution.

Benefits of Tesla Powerwall Installation

Here are the key benefits of going green with a Tesla Powerwall system:

Store a significant amount of energy

Once your Tesla Powerwall installation is up, it helps you store a significant amount of energy so you can easily power up your home with solar. The system also serves as a backup during power outage. More so, Tesla Powerwall installation in your home means you can save energy during the day and use them when the sun is down or no longer shining.

Pacific Energy can provide all the assistance you need for a Tesla Powerwall installation. From design permits to installations, financing, recommendations and more.

Reduce dependence on the grid

By using solar and a Tesla Powerwall system, you can reduce your home’s reliance on the grid and power your home independently off the grid. Tesla Powerwall system, can figure out a grid power outage, cut its supply from the grid and supply you power instantly.

Tesla Powerwall serves as a backup

With Tesla Powerwall installation, you can protect your home from power outage with smooth and dependable backup. You can either backup your entire home or backup essential load. Whatever option you choose, the system ensures you have power whenever there’s an outage.

It’s a smart solar system

With an effective Tesla Powerwall installation, you can easily control and manage the energy consumption in your home. The best part is you can do so in real-time using the Tesla Mobile App. This gives you the rare opportunity to make key decisions to reduce your electricity bill.

You can use the Tesla Mobile App to have complete visibility of how the power in your home is running. This makes it easier to oversee how your home generates power, its battery power flow, and how your home consumes energy. You can do all of these in real time regardless of your location.

Tesla Powerwall is compatible with existing solar system

If you already have a solar system, you can make it more effective with Tesla Powerwall installation. You can add several Powerwall units (up to 10 in total) to your already installed PV system. This means you’ll be able to enjoy maximum power use even during outages.