Did you know there are several ways to save on electricity on Maui?

While your electricity company will most likely give you some hints, you can add to that list by taking a cue from the tips we shared in this article. Another option is to eradicate your electricity bills completely by going green with solar energy. But in the meantime, here’s how you can reduce your electricity bill.

Ways to Save on Electricity on Maui

Start with an electricity audit

An electricity audit simply means assessing and reviewing the electricity consumption at your home. You may decide to call an expert from your electricity company for the most in-depth and best audit. A lot of electricity companies offer their customers electricity audits for free.

If you call an expert, they’ll run tests and assess your home for air leaks and check the quality of your insulation. You should also check on phantom energy – when appliances and devices consume energy even when they are not in use. Once the audit is completed, they’ll most likely offer recommendations on how to fix any anomaly. This is one of the most effective ways to save on electricity on Maui.

Get energy-saving lightbulbs

It’s no longer news that energy-saving lightbulbs are better and you can save on electricity on Maui by switching to these bulbs. Even if you forget to turn your lights off (which we don’t recommend), energy-saving lightbulbs will consume a lot less electricity compared to regular lightbulbs.

Ways to Save On Electricity on Maui

Program your thermostat

You can save up to 10% of your electricity bills in a year by dialing down your thermostat by 7-10 degrees for about eight hours a day. All you have to do is change the thermostat when you’re up in the morning and adjust it again before going to bed at night.

Only run your appliances when they are full

From your dishwasher to dryer, and washing machine, only run your appliances when they are full. This is one of the best ways to save on electricity on Maui.

Adjust your refrigerator

Setting your refrigerator to about 35 -38 degrees is one of the small fixes that can make a huge impact on your electricity on Maui. You’ll still have fresh and frozen food at 35 – 38 degrees.

Lower the hot water heater temperature

Setting your hot water heater too high or too low isn’t a good idea. Find a mid-point that works for you. Some households prefer 130 degrees as one of the ways to save on electricity on Maui. Find what works for you and stick to it.

Turn off the lights

Turning your lights off is one of the most effective ways to save on electricity on Maui. But as simple as it seems, too many times we all forget to turn off the lights. Keeping the lights on whenever they are not in use will drain your electricity and increase your bills.

If you keep your 40-watt lightbulb running for an hour, you’ll burn 0.04 kWh. So, for example, your electric company charges 10 cents per kWh of electricity, you’ll save $0.004 every hour your light is turned off.

Don’t overlook air leaks

Pay attention to your windows, are they whistling? What about your front door on windy days? Can you hear air flowing in from under the door? When you close the door, do they actually seal shut? What about the fireplace damper? Is it still working?

Even more, you can make a huge difference by keeping your windows and appliances sealed appropriately. If there are leaky areas in your air ducts, plumbing, and wiring, don’t hesitate to get some caulk to seal them.

Replace the HVAC air filter

Replacing the air filter of your HVAC system can prolong its life and make it run smoothly. Replacing the air filter every three months is one of the best ways to save on electricity on Maui.