Should you choose a home solar company in Hawaii or a national installer?

National solar installers are usually known for their various adverts on mainstream media. This makes them very popular and more appealing compared to a state or a local home solar company in Hawaii. However, there are several key reasons why a home solar company on the island is the better option.

Why a home solar company in Hawaii is better 

It’s a partnership, not just a contract

When you choose a home solar company in Hawaii, you’re not just choosing a solar installer. Rather, you’re forming a partnership with a business that is willing to go the extra mile to deliver what you need.

Why is that so? Many home solar companies in Hawaii depend on referrals to grow their business. Unlike national companies that spend huge budgets advertising on tv, magazines, and on the internet, etc.

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This is why any home solar company on the island you choose will not only take the time to understand every facet of your household needs but also set up a system that is suitable for what you want and offers the best benefit.

Customized to fit your home

For a home solar company in Hawaii, quality is a higher priority than quantity. Home solar systems deliver their maximum output when built to match the specific needs of a particular site. In contrast, national installers may skip the small details to enable them to move more products. Solar companies require appropriate time and attention to fully customize a system to match a home’s specifications. This will help enhance the system’s aesthetics, durability, and output level.

No middleman

Choosing a home solar company in Hawaii means you’ll have fewer communication barriers to put up with. In many cases, the individual who actually sold the solar system to you may be the same person from the first visit, until the sales cycle is completed and be around throughout the installation period. As a result, a home solar company on the island will have a full grasp of your needs from the onset. Even more, this is crucial if the solar system requires a service or a tune-up.

Full-time crew

Home solar companies in Hawaii usually have a dedicated team that reports directly to the management of the company. National companies hardly do that. When installers work directly with management, there’s always a better level of accountability and drive.

Even more, many national crews are only hired as part-time workers or seasonal contractors who are only interested in doing the job for the moment without considering the long-term outcome. Worst still, some national companies subcontract their solar installations to roofing contractors who know nothing about solar installations. You should learn about the three types of solar companies in Hawaii.

Invest in your community

Choosing a home solar company in Hawaii helps the entire island’s economy. More so, since local installers rely a lot more on referrals, a specific community may have a lot more solar panels than others. This means your neighbors may be saving thousands of dollars giving them the chance for more financial freedom. Even more, home solar companies in Hawaii use local vendors for their tools and equipment. They also hire local workers, contributing significantly to the economic growth of the state.

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