Solar panel installation on Maui is trending among many home and business owners on the island as they continue to reap the amazing benefits of going green. If you’re yet to go green on Maui, you’re missing out on lots of perks already. To help you get started, we’re sharing some of the key facts about solar panel installation on Maui. Just so you know how amazing solar energy is on the island.

5 Facts About Solar Panel Installation On Maui And Beyond

Solar is the cheapest source of energy in the world

If solar is not your primary source of energy, you’re already paying more than you should just to get power. Aside being the cheapest source of energy, solar is also the cleanest renewable source of power. When your home is powered with solar, you wouldn’t have to bother about any sort of pollution and you’ll be playing your part in making the entire planet a better place. Even more, solar is the most abundant source of energy across the world. It is from the sun and its inexhaustible. This is one of the key reasons why solar panel installation on Maui is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Solar system installation Hawaii

The U.S. has more than 2 million solar panel installation

The United States recorded more than two million solar panels installations in early 2019. This significant figure was recorded just three years after the solar energy industry announced its first one millionth installation – which actually took four decades to accomplish. Going forward, the U.S. solar energy industry is expected to record four million solar installations in 2023. This makes solar the fastest-growing source of energy worldwide. So, if you’re one of those considering solar panel installation on Maui, you’re on the right path.

Solar energy can power your home 24/7

Is it possible for solar energy to power your home at night when the sun is down? The answer is yes! Solar energy can power your home or business twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Once you opt for solar energy installation on Maui, you can use it to power your home as your only source of energy without relying on any other source of power. As soon as you choose solar panel installation on Maui, you can either live on grid or off grid with solar on Maui and still enjoy 24/7 power supply.

You don’t have to install your own solar panels to go green

It’s always amazing to know that going green doesn’t necessarily means installing solar panels on your roof top or anywhere else on your property. How is that even possible? You can benefit from shared solar or community solar, which involves the installation of a large solar farm from which lots of people including homes and businesses benefits from. You can learn more about various solar options for powering your home or business by contacting us today!

Some homeowners achieved breakeven point in about three years

While the cost of grid electricity is rising steadily, the cost of solar is constantly falling. As such, over the years, the idea of breaking even with solar has become more attractive than ever. As early as 2019, many homeowners have recorded payback periods within a period of seven and eight years. And that goes with a 20 years savings estimates of at least $20,000. In fact, some homeowners have recorded break even points in periods that are as short as three to four years in some states. This is one more reason to opt for solar panels installation on Maui.