When thinking about going solar, most homeowners and business owners should weigh in the advantages of solar power on Maui and compare them to the use of fossil fuels.

As the solar industry progresses, it almost seems like the predominant resources we depend on today – natural gas, oil and coal – will become obsolete in the near future. In reality, fossil fuels still remain the dominant source of energy for now, but solar technology is quickly gaining ground and the many advantages of solar power on Maui are the reason why so many switch to solar.

If you’re wondering how solar energy compares to fossil fuels, keep reading. Here’s a short comparison between the advantages of solar power on Maui vs. the use of fossil fuels on the island.

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Economic advantages of solar power on Maui vs. fossil fuels

Although installing solar panels on your home can be an costly investment, comparing the overall cost of these 2 energy sources is very simple.

Switching to solar seems expensive because of the upfront cost to install a good system. However, with the money you’d save by saying ‘goodbye’ to your electric bill, you could see a return of investment in as little as 4 to 7 years.

The economic advantage is the main reason why many homeowners and business owners prefer to switch to solar. Whether you choose to go completely off grid or opt to keep it and use it as backup, you’d still save a lot of money in the long run if you decide to make the switch to clean energy.

Can solar systems replace the use of fossil fuels?

Most people are curious as to whether or not solar energy can replace fossil fuels but the answer to this question is quite tricky.

Although installing a PV system for your home may allow you to live completely off grid, there are still advantages and disadvantages to going solar. If you’re looking to completely replace the use of fossil fuels, you would need to make a series of big adjustments to your lifestyle and invest in solar equipment that includes a quality battery storage system.

Solar energy vs fossil fuels in terms of environmental impact

When comparing fossil fuels with the advantages of solar power on Maui, there’s no doubt that solar technology will ‘slow and steady win the race‘.

More and more people in Hawaii are making the switch to solar because of the high cost of electricity. Because Hawaii gets most of its electricity from oil-fired power plants, powering so many houses on the island gets expensive. The environment suffers a great deal as a consequence as well so it’s easy to conclude that, in terms of environmental impact, solar power is ideal.

Advantages of solar power on Maui vs. fossil fuels: which is better?

The sun provides us with an unlimited source of energy and harnessing it has very little impact on the environment. Harvesting fossil fuels, on the other hand, is dangerous for the land.

Because of this reason alone, one might say solar energy is better than the alternative. By considering the economic factor and the many other advantages of solar power on Maui, you might conclude that going solar is better.