How cheap are solar panels on Maui?

A few decades ago, solar panels were exclusive to the wealthiest home and business owners. Today, the cost of solar panels has fallen drastically and almost any home or business owner can afford one. In fact, the cost of solar panels on Maui isn’t as high as many people assume. As many more homes have solar panels installed on their rooftops, the average costs of residential solar panels have continued to fall rapidly.

As the demand for solar panels increase across the country, the number of manufacturers has increased too. Competitions among manufacturers have also driven prices down to the benefits of business and homeowners. At the moment, regardless of where you live on the island, you can find cheap solar panels on Maui.

cheap solar panels on Maui

Factors affecting the cost of solar panels on Maui

Solar panel costs are determined by the manufacturer depending on several metrics such as the durability and efficiency of the solar panels. The higher the efficiency of the solar panels on Maui, the higher the price. Also, how the manufacturers produce the panels are crucial. At the moment, the key types of solar panels available on the island include monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin-film panels. As solar power tech advances, chances are more options will be available in the market while manufacturers improve on the current option.

The solar installer you choose can also affect the cost of your solar panels on Maui. While there are tons of solar panel installers to choose from, you should go for the best solar installer on the island offering the highest quality cheap solar panels on Maui. However, solar isn’t a small investment and if you’re looking to make the most of your solar investment in the future, choose a top quality solar panel type.

Generally, monocrystalline panels produce the most watts per area. With monocrystalline panels, you only need a few panels to generate the amount of electricity you require and it only takes up a little space compared to other panels. However, these panels are more expensive. Other key factors that affect the cost of solar panels on Maui are warranties, durability, and purchase methods etc.

Are cheap solar panels low quality panels?

It’s easy to assume that cheap solar panels on Maui are low-quality solar panels. But that’s not true. As mentioned earlier, the cost of solar panels isn’t rising, rather they are falling. Panels that were once considered as extremely expensive are now seen as cheap solar panels on Maui.  Fierce competition among solar panels manufacturers and effective industry regulation has ensured that quality hasn’t fallen with the cost.

While shopping for solar panels, price shouldn’t be the only thing to consider. The track-record of the solar panels manufacturer in the industry, the quality of the panels, performance, durability, and available payment options are other key things to consider.

Cheap solar panels on Maui from a manufacturer with a poor track record in the industry isn’t worth your money. The return on investment (ROI) may not be worth it in the long run. Rather, opt for a top-quality manufacturer with a strong track record in the industry and a warranty of up to two or three decades. At Pacific Energy, we can help you get the highest quality cheap solar panels on Maui. Request for free quotes and well get back to you.