Have you ever wondered how do solar panels work on Maui?

It’s no longer news that solar panels absorb sunlight and transform it into electricity. But that’s just the basics. Having a good knowledge of how solar panels work on Maui makes it easier to understand how important they are and how they can make the island safer for everyone.

Let’s dig deeper to find out how solar panels work on Maui.

How Do Solar Panels Work On Maui?

Sunlight Activates The Panels

Each solar panel is made up of a layer of silicon cells. It also includes a metal frame, a glass enclosure covered in a unique coating, and wiring. The panels are assembled into “arrays” (an ordered series), which are then positioned on rooftops or in sizable outdoor places, for maximum exposure to sunlight. The solar panels are designed to absorb sunlight during the day. This is the first stage of how solar panels work on Maui.

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The Cells Generate Electrical Current

A thin semiconductor wafer comprised of two layers of silicon is contained within each solar cell. An electric field is created when two layers are positively and negatively charged.

A photovoltaic solar cell is energized by solar light energy, which also causes electrons to “come loose” from atoms within the semiconductor wafer. The electric field surrounding the wafer causes those unbound electrons to move, and this movement results in an electrical current. This is the second stage of how solar panels work on Maui. Learn about the most efficient solar panels on Maui.

The Electrical Current Is Converted

You now have solar panels that efficiently convert sunshine into electricity. But the electricity they produce is referred to as direct current (or DC) electricity. Not the alternating current (or AC) electricity that powers the majority of homes.

Fortunately, a device called an inverter makes it simple to convert DC current into AC electricity. These inverters can be set up in contemporary solar systems as a single inverter for the entire system or as separate microinverters attached behind the panels. This is key to understanding how do solar panels work on Maui.

The Converted Electricity Powers Your Home

The solar energy is transformed from DC to AC electricity and then distributed throughout the house to power your appliances.

There is no need to make any changes inside the home because it operates exactly the same as the electricity your electric utility provider generates through the grid. Since you are still connected to your traditional power provider, you may automatically take more electricity from the grid to make up for any shortfalls caused by solar energy.

A Net Meter Measures Usage

Your solar shingles or panels might not be able to absorb enough sunlight overnight or on cloudy days to utilize for electricity. In contrast, during the day when no one is home, they might be able to absorb more energy than you need to run your house.

The electricity flowing to and from your home is therefore measured using a meter in both directions. Any excess energy you return to the grid will frequently earn you credits from your utility company. This is when you need net metering. Discover various tips for choosing the right solar company on Maui.