Installing solar panels on Maui is one of the easiest and most efficient methods of making the most of the sunlight on the island. Even more, you’ll be making the entire island a better place by installing solar panels for your home! That’s one of the key reasons you need a residential solar system on Maui.

Your best bet is to hire a professional solar installation company to get the job done. Nonetheless, there are several key things you should know before installing solar panels on Maui.

Key things to know before installing solar panels on Maui

Here are various factors to keep in mind before installing solar panels on the island:

Your home power needs

This is most likely the first thing to consider before installing solar panels on the island. The rate of energy consumption in your home will determine the number of solar panels you need on your rooftop.

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If you’re already connected to the grid, you can easily figure out your energy consumption by analyzing your monthly energy bills. Once you’ve established your power consumption, then you’ll have to decide if you want to offset it completely or just a significant part of it by installing solar panels on Maui.

Number of sun hours  

Solar panels need sunlight to generate electricity. How many hours of sunlight can your solar panels get in a day? On Maui, you can get an average of 12 hours of daylight. If you have a monocrystalline solar panel, you may only need a few panels to capture enough sunlight for your home.

The higher the number of hours your panels can get the more electricity it can generate with the number of available solar nodules. You’ll have to ensure that your solar panels aren’t installed in an area with shades or any other structure that prevents sunlight on it. Learn about why you should choose a solar installer near you on Maui.

Your home size and design

Your home’s physical size will determine the number of solar panels that can be installed on your rooftop or anywhere else. If you have a smaller home or one with an awkwardly shaped roof, installing solar panels on them might be difficult.

But if you have a relatively big house or a normal size home with the usual rooftop design, installing solar panels on Maui could be a breeze. Installers will safer when climbing the rooftop to do the installation.

Find the best location

You may have to look beyond your rooftop to find the best spot for installing your solar panels on Maui. Sometimes, the best spot for sunlight in your entire property isn’t the rooftop. So, take a walk around your property and look closely around when the sun is up.

You need to pick a spot with maximum exposure for your solar panels to get sunlight. If you’re wondering how to figure out the right spot, the solar installer you choose can easily help you out. More so, you should consider hiring a solar installer based on Maui. You’ll be able to reach out to them for support any time and they’ll show up at your doorstep within a short while.