There are several key reasons why households choose to go solar, but the two most prevalent are financial savings and environmental benefits. Whether you’re contemplating solar for economic, environmental, or both reasons, here’s a list of advantages to thinking about.

Key benefits of rooftop solar panels on Maui

Rooftop solar panels on Maui save money

The majority of people that go solar on their home or company do so for financial reasons. From a financial standpoint, there are four major ways to think about solar:

Rooftop Solar Panels on Maui 2

Reduces or eliminates your electric bills

Electricity bills might account for a significant amount of your monthly expenses. With a solar panel system, you’ll get free electricity throughout the life of your system. This may be 25 years or more. Even if you don’t produce 100% of the energy you need, solar reduces your electricity bills. This results in significant savings.

Avoid rising energy costs

Electricity rates in the United States continue to rise year after year. You may lock in the price you pay for electricity now by investing in a solar energy system now, protecting yourself from future increases in electricity rates. Here’s a guide to Maui solar roof costs.

Rooftop solar panels on Maui increase your property value

This is a no-brainer: properties with solar panels sell for more money than those without. And it’s easy to see why when you think that solar allows you to cut or eliminate your electricity bills. Wouldn’t you rather live somewhere where you don’t have to pay monthly utility bills?

Great return on your investment

Solar is, in the end, one of the best investments you can make. Most solar panel systems pay for themselves numerous times over the course of their decades-long lifespan. With the average American solar purchaser seeing a return on investment (ROI) of 20% or more. Try achieving that return on your investment in stocks! Here are tips for choosing the right solar company in Maui.

Rooftop solar panels on Maui have great environmental benefits

The benefits to the environment are the second most important reason why individuals install solar.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the electric sector is responsible for 27% of all carbon emissions in the United States. Carbon emissions are produced by fossil-fuel-fired power plants, which also contribute to local air pollution in areas around power plants.

You can lower your own personal environmental footprint by installing solar. When you install a solar panel system on your home, you may avoid buying carbon-emitting electricity from the grid and instead draw power directly from your solar panels.

Even if you aren’t directly using solar energy, you are reducing the need for carbon-emitting generation by putting your solar energy into the grid. At the end of the day, a typical residential solar panel system will reduce carbon emissions by three to four tons per year, which is the equivalent of planting over 100 trees.

Going solar can help organizations exhibit their dedication to sustainability, which can boost employee morale while also demonstrating sustainable ideals to potential customers.