Getting a PV system for your home is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and at the same time, save a lot of money in the long run. But when the time comes to install your system, should you hire local solar contractor in Maui or would it be best to work with a bigger, national company?

Choosing to hire one of the largest national companies in the U.S. to install your solar panels may come with some advantages, but they typically don’t outweigh what a local solar contractor in Maui can offer you in terms of quality.

That in mind, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should work with a local solar installer on the island, as opposed to hiring a large company.

1. A local solar contractor in Maui can offer you a better service

Although not all national companies are “cold” or “faceless”, working with someone in your area may turn out to be a better experience.

Because a local solar contractor in Maui typically handles less clients than companies that serve everyone around the country, they may be able to offer you a more personalized service. More often than not, someone from Maui is better able to answer your questions and dedicate more time to plan your project.

2. Local installers are more familiar with the local regulations

Although bigger companies may have regional offices in our state, a local solar company should have a lot more experience doing business in Maui.

Someone who has been installing PV systems for years on the island should know more about the environment, climate, zoning regulations and other conditions that may influence a solar PV project.

3. A solar PV installer on Maui can offer faster support

It’s a well known fact that solar panels are built to last for decades. Furthermore, once a PV solar system is installed, it needs very little maintenance.

However, that’s not to say nothing can ever go wrong. If something happens to your system or to your panels, it’s important to have a professional take a look and assess the situation as fast as possible. A professional who’s already on Maui may be able to accommodate your needs much faster and more accurately.

4. Solar contractors on the island may offer you a better quote

While some large, national companies may work for a lower price, that’s not to say that a local solar contractor in Maui can’t offer you a great quote for their PV installation services.

Often times, a local solar company can make you a much better offer when it comes to installing a new solar system for your home. Furthermore, someone local may provide or advise you on possible financing options and they can go into more details when it comes to explaining to you how you can save even more by accessing federal and state incentives.

5. By hiring someone on Maui, you’ll support the local economy

Last but definitely not least, hiring a local solar contractor means you’ll be supporting the local economy. So, if you’re looking to contribute to the community, choose to work with a solar company in Maui.