The efficiency of your Maui PV systems will ultimately determine its output and how much money you can save on energy bills. If you’d like your Maui PV systems to keep generating power at peak performance, there are several key things you’ll have to do.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Maui PV Systems

Here’s a summary of the key things you can do to boost the performance of your PV systems:

Maui PV solar Systems

1. Install a Backup Battery

Investing in a solar backup battery system can significantly enhance the performance of your Maui PV systems. You can use the backup battery during night hours to optimize your electricity usage and keep it at a minimum. More so, having a battery backup means you’ll have an alternative to turn to whenever there’s a blackout.

2. Install a Solar Concentrator

A solar concentrator is designed to enable users make the most of their Maui PV systems efficiency. As its name implies, solar concentrator enables the system to concentrate solar light while converting it into electrical power. The solar concentrator concentrates the lights dropping everywhere on the solar panel making it easier for the cells to convert them. Sometimes it involves the use of mirrors to enhance concentration levels.

3. Make the Most of Sunlight

Maui PV systems produce power by converting sunlight into electricity. This means you should consume as much power as you can during the day to make the most of your Maui PV systems. Here are some of the ways to do that:

  • During sunlight hours recharge all electrical gadgets including mobile phones, lamps, and laptops etc.
  • As required, recharge all your solar devices during sunlight hours.
  • If you’re using inverters with energy storage capacity, recharge them appropriately during the day to limit power usage at night.

4. Position Your Maui PV Systems Smartly

To get the best out of your Maui PV systems, you’ll have to ensure that the installer positions the angle and orientation correctly. The PV panels must be installed to get optimal exposure to sunlight all year round. Here are the key questions to ask before installing PV panels on your rooftop.

Make sure your solar panel installer gets this right so you wouldn’t have to deal with less power supply because of their actions. More so, make sure that the angles of the panels are tilted correctly to make sure they get maximum exposure to the sun during the day without any disruption. Even more, you should avoid installing your solar panels in shaded areas.

5. Keep Your Maui PV Systems Clean

Accumulation of dusts on your PV systems can lower its performance. Dust prevents sun rays from falling directly on the PV cells. Cleaning your PV panels at least once in a year can boost its performance significantly. Cleaning also enhances the durability of solar PV panels. The cleaner your solar panels are, the easier it is for them to absorb sunlight to convert into electricity.

6. Protect Your PV Panels from Excessive Heat

It is easy to assume that your PV systems need an extreme level of heat to perform optimally. But that’s not true. In fact, extreme heat can have a negative impact on your PV systems. As the temperature of the panels becomes excessive, their performances drop. So, if you have your solar panels installed on your roof, make sure your installer leaves enough space between the solar panels and the roof. This will create an easy inflow and outflow of air thereby reducing the PV panels temperature.